Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Camping Journal...Coming Soon!

I love to scrapbook "on-the-go"! Before any vacation or trip I put together a little book, and some (really) basic supplies to document my adventures as they happen. Bringing the Instax with me sure helps. I can take mini photos and scrapbook them as well.

Here are some from last year: Portland, Heinsburg, & Spring Lake. The Vulcan album I completed once we got home, so it's a bit more detailed. I keep these albums in a big bowl in my LR, and look through them quite often. I've even caught Lucas looking through them as well, from time-to-time! These are my most precious memories, and it makes me happy to know that he values them as well, as best he can.

We are going camping this weekend with Mom's family, so I have already started thinking about what I want to bring. I had a lot of fun with the Heinsburg album, because I had some little helpers who wanted to add their art to my book as well! Maybe I can convince some of these family members to contribute this time around!!

I came across "Dear Lizzy's" latest little travel-scrapbook. Our gull Lake trip isn't as glamorous as her house boating adventure, but the idea is the same! She even brought some paints, which I think is genius and will have to copy!
I think I'll eliminate the pink though, and maybe less flowers? Her kids even worked with her to fill the pages...I think that's just wishful thinking on my part! There is usually too much drama when I ask Lucas to help me with a creative project! But maybe if there is paint involved, he might be less hesitant.

Want to see a cool picture?
Source (original source unknown)

It's Orion's Belt, and the inspiration for my current tattoo. I also found some great Hubble Telescope images. Makes me want to high jack my Dad#2's telescope this summer. Or at the very least, convince him to bring it camping this weekend!

I know I promised something cool for the post today, but honestly, I thought I had already scheduled a post for today, so I'm grasping at straws here... HA!

I am almost finished with my LR/DR re-do. I bought some "adult-drapes" and am learning what a pain in the butt it is to hem them! But I'm almost done, and once I tidy up a couple more things I will post some pictures and my next set of "8 Weeks to a Better Me" goals. This week is "Personal Style" but I don't really need help with that, and am instead going back a couple of weeks to the "Health" theme.

I also have some sewing projects I want to tackle, and I really (really really really) need to clean up my studio! Right now I am just moving stuff around so I can get at my chair and actually sit down! And then when I leave, I put all that stuff right back on the chair. And so continues the vicious cycle.

Anyhoo...I'm now just trying to kill time while I wait for my (long and boring) work day to end. So I will sign off now...

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  1. You're right, you don't need any help with your personal style-it's awesome!


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