Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sunday Driver

It's 9:43am, Sunday morning. Dad is on his way to the Island this weekend, so no swimming for Lucas, so he is still fast asleep in our bed. This week was a long one for him, apparently. And I have already done up one TNT Blog post, got my Kijiji ad for my Big Shot a-running, and surfed some of my followed blogs. And I am still totally in my pajamas and really need to wash my face. Yay for Sundays!

Back to the grind tomorrow, eh? Ho hum. I have only two things on my To-Do list today, but they are: laundry, and Lucas' room...not tasks for the faint of heart! After this post, and a quick primping, I promise to get started on them! Do any of y'all have tasks that always get put back to the bottom of the list?

As is the rest of my camping album. Enjoy!

I love the picture of Lucas and I below. There is totally a fly/giant flying bug right in front of my cheek that shows up totally in focus in the picture! Hilarious!

We got the Edmonton Journal hand-delivered to our trailer everyday, so I took the liberty of clipping some comics I found mildly humorous. This Baby Blues, however, is fricken hilarious! It reads:
Dad: What's going on?
Mom: I need 48 cupcakes for Hammie's baseball team's bake sale today!
Dad: You could buy them from the store.
Mom: That's true...if I wanted to FAIL AS A MOTHER!
Dad: Can I whisk something?

I really like this family shot Russ took with the Instax. We look so fab...and I love that Sean is leaning in like he wasn't going to be in the shot! I always forget how "off" the viewfinder is from what actually pops out of the camera. And you can see the trailer as well...good old Zinger.

that is all...I can hear Russ doing dishes in the kitchen, so I better log off and get on with my day...yay!?!?

later skater alligator

p.s. it's 10am now, and Lucas is just coming downstairs.


  1. Love the album!! It's so "Lisa"!

  2. love your album, really really cute!!


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