Wednesday, December 12, 2018

December Daily 2018

 Well, I am doing "December Daily" again this year, but I have changed everything again. New album, new plan for documenting...I continue to look for ways I can simplify this project and allow it to fit with my goals and needs for the season.

This December I need to demand less of myself, and allow for spaces of peace and understanding. I am dialing it way back this year, and my December Daily is going to reflect that. It already looks so different from previous years' albums. One piece of advice I would give to anyone looking to start a December Daily - or "Journal your Christmas"or 30 Days of Lists, or some other way to document this month - is to keep it flexible, keep it easy, and pre-forgive yourself if you can't add to it everyday.

More to come...

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Friday, November 30, 2018

Mini Album Tradition - 2018 Edition

I am thoroughly in love with this Mini Album tradition, and I wish I remembered where I got the idea 2 years ago. This is my third album, and I felt great pride and excitement when I looked back through the past two albums the other day as I was prepping this post.

The way this year shaped up almost threw a wrench in my plans, what with my sister moving away. But the Mexico trip went along according to plan, so I was able to try something new, and I really think it made a huge impact to this tradition! The important part of it is to memorialize a moment for my family every year.

My Team, my favourite humans, get their (Instax) photo taken and then have to answer a question or finish a thought, and then write it in the book.

This time around, thanks to the setting, I had My Team tell me their favourite moment(s) from Mexico. The answers are literally the best.

I love how each person answers totally reflect who they are, were almost totally predictable, and there were so many similarities!

I realize that usually I do a little walk-through of this book, but I think the "technique" speaks for itself now. If you are looking for more info on how I build these books, I have included links to previous posts below, or you can visit my Vimeo page.

Mini Album Tradition - 2018 from Lisa Kercher on Vimeo.

Take a peek at my previous books in this "Series"! Here is a video for the 2017 book, and here is a video walk-through of my book from 2016, which I called the "Christmas Family Gratitude Mini Album." What a mouthful!

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Tuesday Link List


Last week we put the news on at dinner, and of course the whole hour was dedicated to the St. Mike's sexual assault. I totally blanked on how to talk about it with Lucas. Not my finest parenting moment.

Later he told us that he doesn't like to watch the news because it's depressing. #Same

Thanksgiving thoughts...
Thanksgiving: National Day of Mourning by Allen Salway on Paper

(lots of) Trans Day of Remembrance thoughts...
Trump's anti-trans policy efforts aren't new - and their history is horrifying by Jes Grobman on Bitch Media

Trans SFF [science fiction fantasy] for Trans Day of Remembrance by Rah Froemming-Carter on Book Riot

How Ontario's resolution to debate the validity of gender identity endangers trans people by Gwen Benaway on them
poster from The 519

Intimate partner violence thoughts...
How many husbands control the votes of their wives? We'll never know by Rebecca Solnit on The Guardian

Edmonton organizations work to prevent domestic violence spike during Grey Cup on CBC

Happy Tuesday everyone!

If you have any links you think I might be interested in - or other readers - please include them in the comments!

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Adventure in Mexico

Last week Dan, Lucas & I joined my family for an Adventure in Mexico! We stayed at an all-inclusive resort - Sandos Caracol - for a week, ate lots of food, and got in a tonne of pool time.

Overall, it was a good trip and so refreshing to get away, but traveling with family is hard. There are nine people that have to decide when and where to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner, which pool to go to, whether or not to go into town, how to get there and when....and on and on.

That combined with all the different personalities, and things got a bit stressful for me.

I found that it really helped having rooms in separate buildings, so we could each go back to our own spaces at the end of the day. And any moment that was available to hang back from the group, swim to a different part of the pool, or literally take a different path, I took advantage of it.

I love my family, and while in hindsight this vacation was significant for me in allowing me some distance from my everyday life-stressors, it did bring up some anxieties. And it has me looking at my time and who I choose to spend my time with differently.

I don't yet know what this means now that I am back home, but I do cherish and respect the lessons learned and the thoughts I am now sitting with.

And traveling always puts in mind the desire to travel more, so I am excited to put the next plans in place!

Where should I go next?
What are your experiences traveling with family?

Recent vacations with my parents (as an adult) include Disney World with my dad & stepmom in 2015. I posted some scrapbooking layouts and thoughts here and here from that trip.

And this summer we headed to Jasper with the Mexico group. I haven't scrapbooked that trip yet, as the emotions from it are still fresh, but you can see some photos here, and read my thoughts on an important friendship.