Tuesday, May 07, 2019

Tuesday Link List

Hey Friends! It's been awhile for one of my link dumps, and even though no one reads this, I still love sharing all my hot finds on here!

Let's start with some local news first. I am super interested in traffic safety, city planning, and improving the use of our streets, so I am super pumped about this initiative that's before City Council right now.
YEG Core Zone

I hate gender reveal parties so much.
Gender Reveal Parties Phenomenon

I've deleted the Instagram app from my phone again. I think I've shared this article before, but it bears (bares?) repeating.
Do Not Disturb: How I Ditched my Phone and Unbroke My Brain

I am in a current phase of hating to make dinner (and shop for food, which is my favourite/only hobby so this is a problem). This cookbook is also going to help me get excited again AND save money!
Good and Cheap

Here is another cook book based on the same premise.
My Food Stamps Cookbook

And finally, an oldie but a goodie! It's so hard to talk about taxes in Alberta (people up here irrationally and ignorantly hate taxes so dang much), but this is a good place to start.
Fair Tax System Down the Drain if Loopholes Aren't Closed

See you next week!

Wednesday, May 01, 2019

May Goals

April was so short! I spent the first 10 days in Dubai, and then I spent the next 5 days recovering from Dubai (jet lag is arlakgjsdhblarg!), and then all of a sudden April was half over! But boy oh boy, now that April is 100% over, have I ever learned some lessons let me tell you!

1. I want to feel relaxed on my trip to Dubai to visit my family! Yep yep yep.

2. I want to feel energy and work towards figuring out a good balance of diet, exercise, and mind work. This happened, but not purposefully, and not in the way I expected. I am dealing with long-term iron deficiency that is now significantly impacting my energy, my health, my strength...all these things that I already struggle with. I have been eating meat (gasp!), and going for slow walks, and being very gentle with myself. This is going to be a longer term work-in-progress and I'm still not sure how I feel about that. But I am glad I put it on this list, because even though I didn't "solve" it, it's in my face now and I can't ignore it.

3. I want to feel absorbed and work on a "100 Days of" project. Wheee yessiree! My project this year is unstructured and so relaxed and it's so different from past year's and yet also exactly what I need right now! I wrote more about it here, and already finished my first Project!

4. I want to feel triumphant and complete something that really challenges me. I left this as a TBD at the start of April, and while I didn't really consciously decide on it, after it happened I realized that I found my challenge this month.

1. I want to feel present and make a plan to celebrate Mother's Day my way. 2. I want to feel flow and make some changes to the way I'm living in my home. 3. I want to feel steady and make a schedule for Lucas' nights here. 4. I want to feel curious and do some deeper thinking about my word and my Big Life Goals.

May can sometimes be a strange month for me, as this is the month I got married all those years ago. And celebrating motherhood as a "single" mom is always deep-though-inducing. The Daily Habit I am adding this month is about finances, and with the plan to focus on more of my Big Life Goals I think this will be a month of slow and steady movement dotted with bursts of colour.

January 2019 Goals
February 2019 Goals
March 2019 Goals
April 2019 Goals
You can read about my overall plan for 2019 here.
I am tracking my Daily Practices with my favourite tool, created by Elise Cripe. You can download her "Habit Tracker" here.. (It will download automatically).


Saturday, April 20, 2019

100 Days of Finishing Projects

One week after I officially started this season's 100 Day Project, I finished one of my projects! I feel weird getting excited about finishing this one so fast...it feels like a way to procrastinate doing the other ones. Oh well. A finished project is a finished project!

I started this back in March with the intent to do a page a day. I did really well until the last week, when I started getting busy packing for Dubai. All my free time was preparing for my big vacation, so this was put on hold.

First off, I wanted to show off the supplies I used for this book. The more I do little projects like this, the more I realize that I don't need fancy supplies. Simple acrylics and a few pens do the job just fine.

This way nothing feels too "precious" so I don't mind playing, experimenting, making messes and covering everything up when I change my mind!

Here's the whole book

My best tip for myself: when you're stuck, paint your palette.

"Hazeldean" is a representation of the Runtastic map of the walk we took as a family on March 17th.

The "fanciest" paints I used in this book were neon pink and shimmery copper (which doesn't show up in these photos...blast!)

Intro post to 100 Days of Finishing Projects
Working on a 100 Day Project is one of my April Goals.
100 Days of Carving Patterns (2018)
100 Days of Watercolour Whatevers (2017)
100 Days of Stamp Carving (2017). This was my first 100 Day Project
And all of my 100 Day Project posts are available here.
The official "The 100 Day Project" page is here.
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Thursday, April 18, 2019

One Little Word 2019 - "Current" First Quarter Update

It's been three months since I chose my 2019 word, so it's time for a little review/summary/reflection. I am writing it here - in public - to share a little behind-the-scenes action (and inaction) of working with a word for a year.

Sometimes it's a lot of luck, patience and trust. March was a month in which I had to let go of some control, and I lost sight of my word. There are still lessons here. In fact, if I really do the work of evaluation, these months of "failure" provide the greatest opportunities for growth. But I might not find answers and that's okay too.

Once I got the foundation pages and cards out of the way, every week is laid out the same, with space for three photos and one "Currently" card. I don't have a set day to complete the card every week, as long as it gets done. I've only missed one week so far and it was because I was deep into trip planning and packing.

Every month or so I go back through my photos and pick a few to print and include. I am trying to choose ones that best represent my goals, or my current state of mind/current self.

One of my goals/wishes for this album was to have space to add more photos, as I felt that was lacking in last year's book. Now I am starting to feel like I am moving out of balance the other way and plan on working to incorporate more writing and art into my book from this point forward. 
Not sure what that's going to look like yet, but I have lots of examples from my 2017 & 2018 books to take inspiration from.

March felt like such a set back, but the benefit of time and distance has softened my anxiety over it. When I look at my year as whole, "off months" don't have such a huge impact. I find having a word allows me to take both a bird's eye view and a closer examination of how I'm spending my days and moments.

I still feel connected to my word, but I feel there is room for more growth, exploration, and curiosity about CURRENT. I've got some big projects planned for April, so there might be an opportunity to take a deeper dive into my word through my art and scrapbooking. But I also want to take it beyond that and use my word to help me expand into my bigger goals.

I don't feel like I'm pushing myself in my word this year, but I also feel like I'm trying to take on too many things (Hello Burnout my old friend). My word was supposed to help me with this, so a more focused approach might really help me out.

I've been setting monthly feelings + actions goals and they sometimes engage with my word, but I don't purposefully make these goals in the context of my word. My goal with my goals going forward is to review them within the context of CURRENT as much as I can. I have already set my goals for April, but I will be evaluating them through the lens of my word and adjusting as needed as the month progresses.

This is your friendly reminder that if you didn't choose a word at the beginning of the year, there is still time. The New Year can be a hectic time for folks, and spring affords such a vibrant energy, that this would be a great time to choose a word to carry and guide you through the rest of the year. If you are interested in trying it out, my email is always open, or you can check out Ali Edward's (the creator of OLW) content online.

My OLW 2019 Intro post
My "Current 2019" Pinterest Board
All of my One Little Word posts are tagged here.

Find more information here about the creator of "One Little Word" - Ali Edwards - and the workshops and inspiration she provides.
My past words: Honesty 2014 // Simplify 2015 // Time 2016 // Action 2017 // Connect 2018


Saturday, April 13, 2019

The 100 Day Project - 100 Days of Finishing Projects

I'm still working on the official title of this year's 100 Day Project, but the theme is solid. I'm going to spend this weekend doing a full inventory of the projects I want to finish, but my initial plan is to complete the following:

  • Summer 2018 Album
  • Dubai 2019 Art Journal
  • March 2019 Art Journal

I realize this is only 3 items to last me the 100 days, but the Summer 2018 album is a doozy. We went on three camping trips, and I've only got one of those trips about 7% finished.

I'm getting a late start to the project this year, as I was on vacation for the first 10 days of April (which turned into 15 days thanks to packing and jet lag!), so I want to spend this weekend doing some planning, organizing, and prep-work.

I think this will be very important in ensuring I find success in this project. It's my most ambitious 100 Day Project so far in terms of steps and elements involved, but I'm up for the challenge!

Using the Get to Work Book to organize all the steps I need to take is super helpful so far. I've got photos to print, layouts to plan, papers to pull together...there aren't a million steps, but it still helps to see them all written out on one page. Now I can check them off as I go!

The whole point of The 100 Day Project is to work on something every day, so my goal will be to do something to get me closer to completion every day. Some days this will look like a completed journal page - like today - and some days it might just be ordering photos, or planning some layouts. Being okay with the "slow" days where the progress might not be super obvious is just as important as those days where more checks appear in my planner.

Not sure how much I will be documenting as I go, but I do plan to post the completed projects here in their entirety!...in July! That's one really cool thing about this project. Looking ahead at the end date and thinking of all the DOING I get to do between now and then!

Working on a 100 Day Project is one of my April Goals.
100 Days of Carving Patterns (2018)
100 Days of Watercolour Whatevers (2017)
100 Days of Stamp Carving (2017). This was my first 100 Day Project
And all of my 100 Day Project posts are available here.
The official "The 100 Day Project" page is here.
Get to Work Book is my planner of choice, and Elise has a lot of other products to help with goal-setting and achieving.