Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Art Journal

At the annual "Scrapbook Ninja" Camp He Ho Ha retreat over the weekend, I was able to finish some more pages in this little art journal. No story behind these. They document what I've been thinking and feeling lately.


You can see the first few pages of this album in this post here.


Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Tuesday Link List

Ranked: 10 Paintings of Judith Beheading Holfernes - Current Affairs

I am always trying to tell people about the political history of women's pockets, so this article is right smack dab in my wheelhouse.
Women's Pockets Have a Surprisingly Political History - Curiosity

Nagini's Portrayal as an East Asian Woman is Deeply Problematic - Adiba Jaigirdar on Book Riot
(when (all of) your faves are problematic...)

Opposition leaders propose different minimum wages for youth, servers - Michelle Belfontaine on CBC
Overall, really great article showing what party leaders have to say about some important issues facing Albertans today. I definitely do not agree in having tiered wage rates, especially considering the gross assumption that all young people have parents (family) who can provide for all of their needs today and in the future. Um hi yes post-secondary is BLOODY EXPENSIVE, and also some parents are terrible. (This story has since expanded since I found this link...)

And then some parents are awesome. This mom is trying to be a good advocate for her son.
Edmonton mother desperate to find round-the-clock care for son following eight suicide attempts - Anna McMillian on CBC News

TRIGGER WARNING in this next one (a poem) for rape, transmisogyny & transphobia
Letters to the Editor - Gwen Benaway on Room

And let's end on a fun note! The "Charmed" reboot launched this week! I loved the first one, and the new version looks super fun and timely.
"Charmed" Review: Come For the Kickass Lesbian Witch, Stay for the Sisterhood - Carmen Phillips on Autostraddle


Friday, October 12, 2018

Tell a Story - Zumba Keeps Saving My Life

Zumba saved and continues to save me.

About 8-ish years ago, my friend Naomi invited me to join her at a Zumba class in a nearby elementary school. It was fall/winter, and I had to walk across a field to get there, but I thought why the hell not?

I've had stops and starts, dry periods, and a few weirdo instructors since then, but I keep coming back to it.

I used to tell my Zumba story in terms of changes it made to my body. But I don't think that way anymore. Instead I think about how Zumba has changed the way I feel. I especially love taking Zumba in the fall and winter. Once the days start to get shorter, the JOY that I feel in a Zumba class becomes even more important to my overall mental health. I can count on it to blast away the darkness for one evening hour every week.

I may have to drive into the deep south to get there, but it's worth every minute right now. Until I find a closer class that is! My ultimate goal is to find something close to home that I can walk to. Gosh, that would be sublime.

Starting at the beginning of September, I challenged myself to MOVE MY BODY every day for the rest of the month. Day 30 came and went in a Zumba class on October 3.

I wrote about my love of Zumba on a blog I used to contribute to, but that post is no longer on the internet! But I thought the internet was forever!
Myths and Stereotypes are Ruining my Zumba Class by Dances With Fat
Shake it Out: What Zumba Taught Me About Tackling Fitness Standards and Loving My Body by Adios Barbie


Tuesday, October 09, 2018

Adventure at Camp He Ho Ha

And so starts the 10-ish day countdown until I am reunited with this place and (some of) these folks who rejuvenate me in ways I cannot fully describe or fully understand.

No matter how anxious I am about going, I always come back feeling better for it.

Photos taken at Camp He Ho Ha on Lake Isle
October 2017
Scrapbook Ninja Retreat


Tuesday, October 02, 2018

Tuesday Link List

Now that September is over, maybe I'll be able to get some of these new releases on hold!
Back-to-Audiobooks: New Audiobooks for September - Katie Macbride on Book Riot

Why Parents Fear 'The Talk' And What Kids Want Out of It - Steph Auteri on Rewire

Everything you Know About Obesity is Wrong - HuffPost
I have a rule, especially in the gym at work (and just at work in general) that I don't tolerate negative or moral (good/bad) comments about bodies or food.

Strathcona neighbourhood renewal includes bike lanes, traffic calming - Anna McMillan on CBC
What do the people want? BIKE LANES When do we want them? NOW Are you sure? DID I STUTTER?

And now for something FUN!

I haven't watched Doctor Who in ages, but this trailer kind of makes me want to figure out how I can do that again.