Wednesday, May 25, 2016

May Long Camping - Our Wet Adventure

I took my Guys camping this past weekend, to Brazeau Reservoir. I haven't been camping on the May Long weekend, a really long time! So you can't really blame me for putting a forgetful, rosy spin on how the weekend would pan out. Spoiler Alert: We got rained out!

 Let's recap!
Left: Got my NEW adventure hat on, and we're off to pick up Dan!
Right: While we were unpacking, Lucas hopped in the back of Delilah and would shout "Gotta pay the toll!" every time we got close.

Speaking of Delilah...isn't she gorgeous?!

We played Catan everyday. It was epic.

Lucas figured out how to recline the jump seat and got all cozy while we were unpacking. I think he loves the van as much as me!

Our first morning was SO COLD! Lucas would take his mitt off, take a bite of his toast, then immediately put his mitt back on! We spent most of the morning in Drayton Valley buying him new boots, a mug, and a warm fleece coat. Mom Fail.

Left: We made a friend on one of our walks around the reservoir. This is Nugget.
Right: "You shall not pass!!"

It's hard to explain what this area looks like. The photo above shows what the reservoir looks like right now. The water level is very low and the entire lake bed is this sandy mud. We went for lots of walks here, as a path behind our camp site led right out to it. The change in elevation in the sandy areas was more dramatic than I anticipated, but still easy to walk on.

The photo below shows the treeline. Lots of weeds, moss, driftwood. We don't think the water has been this high is awhile. There were geese, and loons, and we could hear other birds, but didn't see any. We did come across some kind of chicken-esque bird in the campground. Quail maybe?

We found the spillway and walked down beside it until it reached the lake below the dam. Again, it doesn't look like this gets used much if at all.

Group shot!

Mom & Dude self-timer on the dyke with our sticks.

The fire ban was lifted so we had a little fire on Saturday night. Our little bag of wood didn't last long, but it just doesn't feel like camping without it.

By the light of the lantern. It looks like it's stealing Dan's soul!

This, I can't even explain how grateful I am...

It's 7-ish am and we are all packed up and ready to go home...a day early. Sigh.

They Story: After tossing and turning all night listening to the rain I woke up at about 5am in a PUDDLE. I got up, set up some blankets in Delilah thinking I could get a little bit more sleep, but Dan was right behind me as he was also sleeping in a puddle. We checked the forecast and found a brand new rainfall advisory for the area. With 20 to 40 mm of rain - and possibly snow - expected, we decided to cut our loses and head home early. Thankfully, Lucas stayed dry the whole night and was perfectly fine with getting an early start on playing DS in the van! We put the coffee on, packed everything into garbage bags, and got on the road.

Thankfully we found a diner open in Drayton Valley for a dry breakfast. Lucas enjoyed his half waffle with strawberries and whipped cream, with Mom's side of bacon.

So our weekend did NOT turn out as I had planned! To say the least. But you know what? We had so much fun! I probably won't be booking any more May Long Weekend Camping Trips, but I will always have fond memories of this one!

Check back tomorrow for the two scrapbooking layouts I did for the trip.


Friday, May 20, 2016

If You Had A Superpower...

I got this paper from Nadine in my Treasured Memories Design Team package, and I was like...!!?!??!?!?!

And then I was inspired to ask my boys the question:

"If you had a SUPERPOWER, what would it be?"

Their answers were funny, and amazing, and not at all surprising.

Lucas: "I would make things explode! Myself too! Don't worry, I would survive!"
(he saw one of the stickers that read "Boom" and looked like a big explosion)

Evan: "Super Speed!"
(He was drinking a delicious pop when I asked, so he didn't have much to say. He did tell me that he would use his power to steal things, so I think he's really more of a Super Villain.)

Jacob: "It would be my awesome farting skills! Flames would shoot out of my butt and then destroy the whole earth! My farts!"
(He was definitely the most animated of the three! He also gave a battle cry and brandished a plastic rake...)

These boys are my whole world...

Photos taken February 28, 2016 in a Subway Restaurant in Sherwood Park.
Words captured May 7, 2016

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Tell A Story - Halcyon Gym Days

One of Lucas' 2016 Goals is to "go to the gym with Mom once a week and practice basketball." We have not and will not accomplish the specifics of this goal, as "once a week" has proven to be unrealistic at best. But we try to go on Saturday mornings when he is at my place. This was our Mother's Day gym session. We went on a Sunday that week, and boy-o was it ever empty in there!

Sometimes we play basketball for about 30 minutes before heading up to the track, and sometimes Lucas has an "injury" and we only play for a couple of minutes. They have a large equipment room at Meadows, and once you pay to get in, you can borrow anything in there at no extra charge.

As his Mom, I of course have ulterior motives to getting him to the gym with me!

1. I want him to feel comfortable in a gym, and in a fitness centre. I was NOT into organized sports as a kid, so when I finally wanted to "get fit" as a "fat" adult I had to start from scratch. And it can be intimidating! If he gets used to it now as a kid, I am hoping he will continue to go as he gets older and keep up a fitness habit in some way.

2. When he was in Kindergarten, he was diagnosed with Developmental Delay Disorder. Or something...I dunno, it had three Ds and it meant his gross motor and fine motor skills were not where they should be. He had trouble getting dressed, holding a pencil and scissors, kicking and throwing balls, that sort of thing. All of the specialists we talked to said that he would probably struggle with it for a lot of his life, but he could learn "shortcuts" to get the same things done as the other kids in a different fashion that was easier or smarter for him. I want to get him doing things with his body and help him get stronger, to counteract the effects of this.

3. He says no to everything. I'm trying to at least get him in the habit of considering a yes every once and awhile.

4. I love running on that track and I want to be there every chance I get. I think that we accidentally inherit a lot of things from our parents, and I kind of wouldn't mind a running buddy.


Thursday, May 12, 2016

Adventures in Scrapbooking

Still don't know what to write in these posts...I mean, I can't even remember the paper companies anymore. I am a terrible Design Team Member. Wait, I take that back. Don't fire me!

Photo taken April 16, 2016 at Medicine Lake in Jasper National Park.

Photo taken August ?? 2016, in The Magic Fucking Kingdom

Photo taken April 16, 2016 at Maligne Lake (duh) in Jasper National Park.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Fashion Minimalist

I have in my past been a bit of a "Fashion Maximalist". I used the excuse that since I was mostly shopping at thrift stores I wasn't contributing to the ills of Fast Fashion, so it was okay. But I had so many clothes, & it took me so long to decide what to wear. It was stressful and made me very anxious. And to be honest, it was costing me a fortune!

I've been doing some big, mostly little purges of my closet over the past two years. I did eliminate some items that I later regretted (that purple dress!), but usually that regret only lasted a moment.

I currently have in rotation the following items:
- 4 shirts
- 5 skirts
- 3 dresses
- 2 blazers
- 1 pair of dress pants
- 1 pair of jeans
- 2 casual tees

I have more items in my closet but these are my work staples. This doesn't include the tank I am currently "embellishing", or my workout and casual weekend gear.

There is something wonderful to be said about having less choice. Example: I HATE big menus at restaurants! I get overwhelmed with all the options, I feel anxious & uncomfortable, and I am usually not pleased with my order. Oh, and it takes forever! When I go out to eat nowadays, I always try and check the menu online first, and decide ahead of time. I know what I like, and now that I am a vegetarian my choices are already whittle away for me. And less choice makes for a happier Lisa dining experience.

Why I didn't apply this philosophy to my closet curation ages escapes me.

I have come to terms with the fact that my wardrobe might now be considered "boring". By whom, you ask? By Past Lisa. But she was always a bit worried what other people thought, and she'll get over it.

I guess the downside in all of this is that I still have no clue how to add pieces to my wardrobe. I add digital outfits to Pinterest boards continually, but I can't/won't buy anything. I feel hampered by indecision on clothing purchases more now than ever before - and it was always outstandingly difficult for me. And so I avoid the malls and the thrift stores. And I make lists and I change my mind.

The positive takeaway to this is that I must be so confident in my current wardrobe there is nothing needed, no holes to fill! Although, speaking of holes, there is one forming in an unpatchable spot on my favourite blue shirt! Eek! Guess I'll have to go shopping after all!