Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Lisa Gets Cozy - Let's Talk Library Books!

One of the BIG goals I have for myself this year is to create and share more videos.

And while I apologize that the sound on this one is garbage (I'll do better next time!), I am proud to present to you a new series called "Lisa Gets Cozy".

In this episode "Lisa Gets Cozy and chats about the items she is returning to the library tomorrow". 

Dan actually returned the books for me, AND I still have the Birdie title as I am typing this! Oopsies!

Due dates are hard.


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Thursday, February 07, 2019

Mini Album Storage

I found these metal shelves at Homesense just after Christmas and I knew they would be perfect for my mini album storage/display. But I needed Dan's help, because I wanted to hang them upside down!

I don't want to make this a "DIY" post, so I am going to leave it at that! Next time you come visit me, please grab a mini and have a look!


Monday, February 04, 2019

Write Your Gratitude - Thank You Cards

I am a huge fan of writing your gratitude. It is one of my self care tricks when I am feeling low. I write out some things (people, events, etc.) that I am grateful for in my life and it helps me feel better and put things in perspective.

I also know, that there is little to no way I am going to get Lucas writing in a gratitude journal, or even creating a gratitude list. But I do know that I can get him to write a few thank you cards to family after Christmas.

I bought/was gifted these cool personalized cards from some online stationary shop ages ago, and we used the last one with this batch of thank yous. I wouldn't say they were worth the money, but I really like the idea and the design, so I might try my hand at making my own this year.

The only "prompts" I give him are informative: the names of the people and the gift he received from them. He has to come up with the message. And, oh boy, he has some clever messages this year!

Everyone who has received their card so far has been pleased, proud, and amused! I am hoping to expand this practice to more family members and also for other occasions. It is one of those "life lessons" I am always harping on about. Plus it gives him a chance to practice his printing!

Some of my forays into "writing gratitude" include:

How do you write your gratitude? I would love to know! Share in the comments, or send me an email!


Friday, February 01, 2019

February Goals

Still riding high on Big 2019 Energy, carrying these vibes into February, the month to celebrate love and Black history - two of my faves.

My focus over the next 28 days is to continue thinking about what I want the year to look like, but also to drill down into some of the big intentions I envision for myself. Today I start on the second Daily Practice I want to make a habit of this year, adding "wash at least one dish" to January's journaling practice. I hope to have started 10 Daily Practices by the end of the year, adding one per month until October.

I set out four pretty fabulous "feelings goals" for January (read the full post here) and I think I did pretty good on them! I always love the feeling of a new year, and have learned to take advantage of that burst of energy over the first few months. Everything is doable, everything is achievable, and there is time for everything. I know this feeling will wane before spring - it has every year - but I never think of it as a failure. Especially when I fill January through March with so many awesome things!

1. I want to Feel Connected and invite my parents over to see my new couch. My Mom came over for dinner one night while my step-Dad was out of town, which is always nice (I LOVE cooking for my parents). And my Dad was over one night as well to drop Lucas off, but he says he doesn't remember seeing the couch!

2. I want to Feel Joy and to Feel Challenged and go on a winter (ski) adventure in Jasper. I wrote more on this amazing, joyous, beautiful experience on the blog here.

3. I want to Feel In Control and find success in my first month of sobriety. I think I am still in shock about how good my first sober month went. Like, so. dang. good. I will have to write some more about this, because I literally cannot believe it.

4. I want to Feel Strong and complete a full month of Body Boss. I was doing SO GOOD and then the last week of the month hit me, and hit me hard. But, I am still counting this as a success because look at all the smiles!!!!


1. I want to feel in control and ruthlessly cull my TBR ("To Be Read") lists. 2. I want to feel connected and host some friends for a Galentine's Day brunch. 3. I want to feel like a good role model for "Current Lucas" by helping him with his goals workbook, taking him skiing, and having good conversations. 4. I want to feel love and send happy Valentine vibes out in to the world.

You can read about my 2019 Goal Setting, um, goals here.
I am tracking my Daily Practices with my favourite tool, created by Elise Cripe. You can download her "Habit Tracker" here. (It will download automatically).


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Thursday, January 31, 2019

Jasper in January

One of my January Goals was to "Feel Joy and to Feel Challenged and go on a winter (ski) adventure in Jasper". In fact, it's been a long dream to go to "Jasper in January" with my little family, and this past month we finally did it!

I started to write out a big long post about the planning, and all the little (mundane) details, but I think I'm going to keep it short and sweet, and let the photos do most of the talking.

We spent as many hours as we could at Marmot Basin, arriving shortly after the hill opened for the day, and sliding off to our car just before the lifts closed. It was so challenging, and magnificent. I was stressed and anxious for about a minute, and then I was just so dang full of JOY for the rest of the day.

Lucas had a few tumbles, but he is not afraid, and picked himself right back up and kept going. I was so proud of him, to see how confident he was and especially when he told us how happy he felt to be on this big adventure together.

My anxiety hit a major peak right when it came time to put my skis on for the first time and go from the parking lot to the bottom of the hill. My whole blooded felt flooded with too many emotions I couldn't properly understand or manage. But I had my calm guys with me, and to say I was 100% pumped when I made it down the first run in one piece is an understatement.

Something that wasn't part of the goal, but a major dream come true nonetheless, was skating on Pyramid Lake. This lake forms a huge part of my memory, but we usually are here in the summer. To actually get to skate on it in the winter!! FAVOURITE MEMORY ALERT! You could not have wiped the giant goofy grin off of my face. 

I mean, look at how beautiful it is here! We are so (so so so so) lucky to live with this in our backyard and to be able to easily access it. I cannot even begin to express my gratitude that this is what my life looks like some days.

Dude is a much more confident (and happy) skier than skater, but he tried and that's what counts for me.

We had the best time and I can't wait to go back!

Winter Adventures in Jasper National Park from Lisa Kercher on Vimeo.

My family has been traveling to Jasper National Park since before I was born. And I have been blogging about Jasper for many years as well. All of my Jasper-related posts can be found here.