Sunday, June 06, 2010

Sunday DIY post...tee hee

I'm back!

First, the DIY. I really needed a little holder for all my scissors, and pencils, and paintbrushes that could live on my desk without taking up too much space. But I also wanted it to be a little portable (like, have a handle). When my grandparents and aunt were in Mequite, NV they brought back boxes of root beer for all the grandkids. And the bottles came in the most fabulous 6-pack cardboard container, with a handle. It was kismet.

You will need:
- a cardboard beverage container that has a handle and compartments (...just look at the pictures!)
- packing tape
- cardboard, chipboard (sturdy, thin, easy to cut substance)

Step the first:
Figure out how big you need the piece to go at the bottom to make the whole box a little sturdier. For my root beer box I sort of measured, slash, eyeballed it. Then cut down your cardboard, chipboard, or whatever you found to make the bottom more sturdy. I'm using some stuff from a project that didn't turn out. It has a name, but I forget what it is right now!

Step the second:
Fit your cardboard into the spaces on the sides and slide it across the bottom. Since my box has a piece that runs down the middle, I cut my board into two narrow pieces. If you cut them too long and there is material hanging out either side, just mark the edge, pull the piece out, trim it down, then stick it back in.

Step the third:
Packing tape the crap out of the sides! Make sure the pieces you added are stable and won't move around. Then you can add more tape to the corners to shore it up a bit. You won't be able to put anything very heavy in this, but at least you can make sure it's not going to fall apart with the slightest of sneezes.

If you can get your hands inside, add some tape in there as well.
Isn't that just awesome! I have a six pack case of Romulan ale that will make another perfect little desk-topper when we're done with the booze.

Note: Mini Eggs tubes are the perfect place to store paintbrushes! If only I hadn't thrown out the lid, and had shorter paintbrushes, it would be great to just throw in my bag and take to crops!


And now on to my latest project. Lsat night, after Vicki's last class (that's Vicki Boutin...she's teaching at TM this weekend!) the TM girls were supposed to have a staff crop. Kara showed up, but it was mostly me scrapping away in the back. I'm almost finished this album now! Yay!

I made it out of old Christmas cards from work. They are a nice dark blue, and very thick cardstock...perfect for a handmade album. I used my handy binding technique, and then filled it up with memories from our trip to Vulcan in April. Also, sorry about the sideways pictures...Blogger is acting up again! Dangit! I think I know why, but I'm too busy to worry about it now. I'll post what I can, then be back once I figure it out...


P.S. I love leaving my camera just laying around at the store. 'Cause then I'm treated to these fun surprises when I check the card!! Thanks ladies!

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  1. Love your DIY - that's a great idea!


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