Wednesday, August 04, 2010

FOR SALE...well, sort of

I have one year's worth of old Martha Stewart Living magazines to give, for free yo!

Info: 14 issues from December 2000 to February 2002. Issues 85 to 99. I am missing February 2001, issue 87 for some reason. If I find it somewhere in the house, it's yours as well.

This goes to the first person who says they want it (you can email me, or post a comment). Unfortunately, it's not really a mailable item...too heavy!!

They are just taking up space in my studio, and while I keep saying I'm going to go back through them and get ideas, that's a dirty old lie! And I've been saying that since 2002!!

While Lucas is making a monster train track/Radiator Springs in my living room, I thought I would get some blogging done before the real work comes!

So, what do you like to do to welcome a new month? I hit up Value Village! Here are my most recent finds.
I fell in love with this wooden grocery list thingy. You put pegs in the holes beside the items you need. Whoever owned it last added their own little notes. Again with the matching my colours perfectly!
this amazing metal bowl was totally calling my name, and it is now sitting on my DR table filled with some recent mini albums (scroll down for those pictures). You can also see my $4.00 bag of embroidery floss.

Buyers envy...white converse sneakers in perfect condition that were a half size too small!
I wish I had space for...sofa and love seat in the most ugly floral pattern that would perfectly match my LR colours, with wooden arms, tufted cushion, and curves in all the right places!

And here are some pictures of my Heinsburg camping mini album...

argh! blogger...



A couple of weeks ago I taught a mini album class at Kathleen! It may seem strange,but I love teaching one on one classes like this to someone who is super passionate about scrapbooking, and learning new things. And Kathleen was just an awesome student. While she made her book, I made one of my own. Check it out...
it's made out of envelopes and cards, bound with 7Gypsies gaffer tape and paper tape, and American Crafts fabric paper.
I used lots of watered down re-inkers, and leftover paper and stickers from the class. I added some fluorescent label tape I bought at Urban Outfitters ages ago, but only just found a label maker that could use it! Plus, those fabulous stamp-stickers Chantel gave me...I love them and want more more more!
I'm not sure what else I'm going to include in the, quotes, inspiration, whatever. I kind of like it how it is.

k. lucas is done is town. poor guy has a pussy, gooey, swollen eye. he's relaxing on the couch while I finish here, and then I promised he could play on his website.

so I'll just leave you with this and sign off

later skater alligator

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  1. What a great post, lots to see and read! I'll take some of the mags off your hands if you want. I got through to TM and will be in your "Something Most Lovely" class on the 14th. (Yippee) I could get them then. Just let me know! Hope Lucas' eye is better soon.


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