Friday, August 06, 2010

about me...

today I am...going to go to Toys R Us and hope to high heaven I can find some water guns for Lucas' birthday.

yesterday I...spent one hour in a McDonald's play area (note: McDonald's "food" does not agree with me...)

tomorrow going to the St. Albert Farmer's Market with the mini-fam...yay!

feeling creative? no, not really. but I am really jonesing to get some time to craft in the next couple of days. I have made a lot of headway on cleaning up my studio.

latest craze...cutting all of my big papers into 5x7 pieces for mini albums. I have a huge stack of them now. It's the best thing to do while watching SYTYCD and surprisingly, I feel much lighter for having done this.

technique post...nowhere close to being finished. lots of computer stuff that I am just not in the mood for this week. crap-ola.

bought a book...number three in a four part series that is taking forever to come out, gosh. it's about Dragons and magic and stuff. yeah.

pictures...not today. I got nothing.

no, wait...

etsy comes to the rescue again!

later skater alligator

p.s. Nadine has yet another super bee-u-tiful card class at TM. check it out here


  1. Thanks Love!
    I am luuuving that origami necklace!

  2. Nice to see someone else never misses SYTYCD."Impily" is my verification word. Would you say they "impily" jump around the stage? Nope, I'd say it's pretty HOT most times. OK, I just realized I'm having a conversation with myself. Bye now.


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