Monday, August 09, 2010

case of the Mondays

so, I had to sneak behind the photocopier to get to my desk this morning. and my desk has drywall dust all over it. not that I'm's pretty much another slacker day in my little world. Dianne and I are "tag-teaming" it this week: I'm here Mon.-Tues. and she's here Wed.-Thurs. We can't both be in our office at the same time. oh my. plus the work we asked them to do in here hasn't been done. she's not going to be happy when she comes in on Wed!!

so I brought some magazines to copy, and I'm sure I can find something fun to check out on the Internet. Plus I'll be slowly reading all the mail, and writing some cheques. Did I mention it's really slow at the office right now...all the "important" people are on vacation!!

how does everyone like my blog mini re-do? has anyone noticed how I shook things up a bit and got rid of my long link lists? anyone???

what did y'all spend your weekend at? I did a lot of reading and sitting around. some Farmer's Marketing, with a little Park N Ride on the side. Some dirt shovelling and transporting. A little Make And Taking at TM. taco making and margherita slurpping. all in all, it was a good one.

i also bought some school supplies and school shoes for Lucas...ack! that was traumatic. but I do so love to buy markers and pens and crayons that it wasn't so bad...I just pretended I was buying them for home-use (and then I actually bought some for home use!!). Toys R Us had a good sale on: BOGO 50% off on Crayola stuff. good deal.

I'm also busy planning and preparing for Lucas' 5th birthday party, which is also giving me the freak outs. but I took some inspiration from Kirsten, and made a logo that I am going to sew onto the goodie bags and now I am back into the swing of things. that being said, I am not going to turn into one of those Moms who goes insanely overboard with decor and treats and all that jazz for their kids' birthdays. I might be planning on making some decorations out of old records, but that's mostly just so I can say I did it, and then use them in Lucas' room! Re: the freak outs, I have to look at it as just another party and not a birthday milestone.

speaking of birthday milestones...i still have no idea what I want to do for my birthday coming up in September, and it's a big one. party? trip? simple dinner out? I have some ideas, but nothing seems right. any suggestions?

inspiring me today...
these photos that "Old Lady" kara took at a vintage shop near her home town. The black frames on black wall are enough to make me swoon...but that couch and chandelier make it heavenly.

and I love collections of random chairs. rather, I love random collections of chairs...whatever...
and her little slide necklaces are too cute
this picture (and others) on Kirstens's blog. super fun! isn't she gorgeous? even in cartoon form!?!?

I had almost totally forgotten about my debut on the Twisted Sketches site...check out the full post here. Everyone's layouts are so fab, and so different from each other. This is going to be a fun ride!! I've finished commenting on all the submitters' blogs, and I'm sure there's something else I'm supposed to be doing to fulfill my commitment, but I can't remember...ummm...guess I better check my email. Then back to work, I promise!

later skater alligator

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