Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Double or Nothing

I realize that I already shared these photos and these layouts on my blog (here, if you want to re-live it with me!), and the layouts also appeared on the TM blog (here...cause I need to get more traffic to that site ;) But I really love these layouts, and these memories so I am dedicating a full post to them. And if you scroll all the way down, you'll get a bonus layout as well! AND if you hit up the TM link you'll get an additional bonus layout! I'm really in a giving mood today...

@the Arden, January 25 2013 Ben Sures
I am really loving tone-on-tone stuff for scrapbooking lately. And triangles. (And chevrons...but that's another story)

 Live & In Person, Ben Sures
(I totally had my camera on the completely WRONG settings for those photos....these next ones are better, I promise!)

Dear BFF

Please note: I never scrapbook in this size! 12x12 is just too much for me. But if you notice, I pretty much just made an 8.5x11 page on a 12x12 sheet of paper. I'm clever that way. Also, like the "Nadine & Lisa" layout I made (see this post), this one is going to have some mushy journaling in the glassine envelope as well. Awwww....

I hope you enjoyed this monster of a post. I realize that many of my readers are not scrapbookers, but some of you might have a hobby that you enjoy more than anything. And that you use to de-stress and relax, and create something beautiful. For me, that is scrapbooking! And I enjoy sharing my passion & hobby with you, even if you can't relate directly to the specifics. I have a feeling that you still "get it".

later loves

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  1. These are great! Scrapbooker or not people love pretty things to look at! So there.


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