Monday, February 11, 2013

Live & In Person

Date: Friday, January 25
Location: The Arden Theatre, St. Albert
Cast: Me & Dan (aka BFF)
The Why: Ben Sures IN CONCERT!

About a week or so before the show, I found out about the show thanks to an ad in the lovely Vue Weekly. I know Dan is a big fan of Ben Sures (thanks to the Irrelevant Show) and I am slowly becoming a fan (through ripping borrowed CDs from the library), and I thought it would be a real treat to go, so I ran it by him! Thankfully, he said yes so I called the Box Office - "your call is important to us, please stay on the line" - and picked up a couple of tickets.

There was another gentleman on the bill, and we joked that he "closed" for Ben, instead of what was obviously the case (Ben opened for him...semantics). We didn't enjoy Del Barber near as much. For one, he has no songs about magic ray guns, and revolutions in Bolivia. And also he wasn't as completely adorable and dorky as Mr. Sures. I mean, look at how cute he is! It isn't often that I can put my arm around the shoulder of a gentleman. And his glasses, well, you can guess how I feel about them.

Icing on Cake: Two days later he friend-requested me on Facebook with his personal account. And then messaged me to say it was nice meeting me at the concert! It was that skirt, I think....

Thanks for coming with me, BFF! And thanks for posing for a picture, even though I know how much you just hate that! (wink)
I can't wait for our next Arden Outing. If you wear your bow tie again I promise to wear my ridiculous skirt! Or perhaps that should be I promise not to wear it...hmmm (wink)

"Intimacy is the capacity to be rather weird with someone -- and finding that that's okay with them"
-Alain de Botton

later loves

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  1. Wow! You lucky lady. Ben Sures on your FB!!! Too cool.


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