Friday, February 08, 2013

Tag, I'm It?! Ah, crap...

Dear Nicole,

Here are those answers you were looking for. I hope they live up to your lively expectations for this game of tag you forced me in to. I don't think I'm going to tag anyone in return. All of the people I play with on the school ground have full-time jobs/full-time kids and can't be bothered with such things....meaning I asked them all before and none of them played along then, so the chances of them playing along now are slim to none (aka zero).


When you were in high school, who was your celebrity crush? Probably some musician. I liked bassists. And the Coreys.
How has your taste changed since then? (As in, who are you drooling over now and how are they different?) I like dorks, bowties, accents/Brits & hipster beards, but I don't have a celebrity crush. I don't understand "celebrity". I guess if I had to pick someone I would say David Tennant of Doctor Who fame sort of counts. He's handsome, in a dorky-cute sort of way. No beard though...hmmm. Oooh! And Benedict Cumberbatch!
When do you feel most at home? When I'm at home. In my house.
What's your favourite hot beverage? Coffee. Coffee. Coffee. Coffee.
If you could punch someone in the face without repercussions, who would it be? You have no idea how much I love this question. No. Fricken. Idea. That being said, I would totally punch "Party Pooper" in the face. I would be the hero of the office. Nope, make that "The Hero of the Office". Yep. That.
What's your favourite camping food? My twelve year old self would say Hamburger Helper, the beef stroganoff one. But my organic-kale-loving adult self would say a giant bag of Smarties, and anything made in a Pie Iron. Ermagherd...burritos in a pie iron.....drool......
What's one skill you'd like to learn this year? I want to get back into cross-country skiing. But I used to do it quite often when I was younger, so I guess that's not a new skill. Oooh ooh! I want to go on an overnight hike. That's a skill right?
If I were to visit, how would you entertain me for a day? (I look forward to this answer!!) Value Village is the easy answer, because that is how I entertain you while you're here! But to change it up a little bit, I might take you to a Farmer's Market on a Saturday morning, ride the trolley across the High Level Bridge, grab a beer & meal at the Sugarbowl, and head over to the Garneau theatre for a show.
What's your favourite cheesy pick-up line? Don't have one. But I do enjoy it when the liquor store employees flirt with me by asking for ID. Does that count? "Can I see some ID?" That's my favourite pick-up line.
If you were to have a solo dance party right now, what song would you put on? Dude's playlist on my iPad. It's got One Direction - as sung by the Mini Pops - and some k-os, and Miike Snow & is generally just awesome. But to be honest, I can dance to anything. I gots skillz.
What's the best thing that has arrived in your mailbox lately? THE TOQUE!! And don't worry Nicole, it's very big. I also just got my dresses from the Mod Cloth sale, a Christmas present that I sort of had to fight for, and I'm waiting on my Studio Calico month kit. I do enjoy being part of a monthly kit club, if only for the fact that I am guaranteed some fun mail once a month. I've got to pay for this privilege, but oh well!

And that is all I've got to say about that....
later loves


  1. ah the ID pick up line cracks me up! you're too funny. :)

  2. Man do I love getting ID'd!
    I just want to throw it out there that I did in fact answer your last thingy that you tagged me in!

    1. That's right! You did play along....and I thank you for it!

  3. ha! brilliaaant... you so funny Lisa! Maybe I can just cheat the game and copy/paste your answers.. hmm.

    Happy weekend'ing!
    needle and nest

  4. Anonymous9:33 am

    HA! Punch that Party Pooper in the face already!! :)

    I like getting ID'ed too. I used to work at a liquor store, so I've been the asker and some people get super offended, which seems backwards to me.

  5. Oh my I snorted out loud at least 4 times reading this! Party Pooper. ba ha ha ha ha ha.

  6. oh yeah! and I also concur with Nadine, we both played along last time! I may have to tag myself!

    1. Sorry...I forgot that I have responsible and interactive readers nowadays!


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