Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Save me from myself!

Hello my name is Lisa, & I have a problem....with clothes.

But it's a good problem, I promise! Sort of...

You see, ever since I have become such a skinny hottie (HA!) I've had to completely update my wardrobe. And I am continually culling items from my closet that don't fit me anymore, or just aren't really my style and don't work with other pieces I have.

And that first big cull resulted in a pretty sad & empty closet. So I had to fill it up. And it took awhile, but fill it up I did! And now it is very full, but I keep on buying stuff...

All of a sudden clothes fit me, and fit me well, and I look good in them...and I feel good in them. So I want to buy pretty much whatever I can get my hands on. Yep...there's the problem. And it doesn't seem to matter that my closet is now full, and I like everything in there, and I've got a grand selection of things.

So I am putting myself on a clothes-shopping ban! But it's going to be tough, so I've got steps and an action plan, and reminders to help myself stick to it!

#1. Remove Temptation // Unsubscribe from those email updates! Ruche, Modcloth, Anthropologie. Even Bon Look & Coastal & Firmoo have got to go, because I treat eyeglasses like fashion! It is way too easy to buy stuff online nowadays, so I do it far more often that I should. I'm hoping that if I stop getting emails sent directly to me, showing me the latest, greatest, cutest and ON SALE items, I will be less inclined to click "Buy Now"

#2. Fun Savings Plan // Every time I feel the need to buy something, put that money into a jar instead with a big fancy reward attached to it. Like a new watch, or a trip out west. This will be difficult, especially because most of my clothes purchasing happens online, where actual paper money does not transfers hands. But I think it's worth a try, and a reward to look forward to at the end of my self-imposed ban is pretty sweet!

#3. Wardrobe Remixes! // I actually have a very full and complete closet, which has never before been the case in my whole fricken life! And I am getting really good at choosing individual pieces that still go with what I have at home. And I work on putting together my outfits for the whole week on Sunday night, so I have time to try new combinations, and make sure every piece gets worn. And this helps keep me from getting bored with everything that's in there.

Goal: Set!
Action Plan: Put in to action!

I think I'm good to go....wish me luck!

later loves


  1. Good luck!! It is waay too easy to buy online now, I've had a bit of that problem as well.

    p.s.~ I nominated you for a liebster award; info can be found on my blog if you so choose to participate. :P

  2. Anonymous9:13 am

    I'm going to be selfish a moment here and say, "BUT! What if I come visit? No more Value Village shopping!?!?!"

    Good for you, though. I feel like I still need a few more basics in my closet before it's well rounded enough to cut out shopping all together. I'm lucky in a way, though, because living in Jasper there are so few options that I don't really shop much. And, in the last year or so, I've totally dropped online shopping for clothes. I buy everything else online, but I've stopped myself numerous times from pressing BUY on Modcloth in the last few months. I'm trying to be strong.

  3. Good luck!!!! I've had a hard enough time with the clothing budget I give myself every month! However, I've bought a lot of clothing at thrift stores that I've always meant to alter, so when that actually happens it's like I have new clothes for free! Happy saving!

  4. Good luck to you!
    I just gave up shopping for anything other than food for lent. (Not that I'm religious, it's just an easy date to remember) I was terrible for just browsing to see what's new everywhere and then buying on impulse. I need to purge my closet (also recently lost a bit of weight) and simplify my life. I have enough closet space, it need not be bursting at the seams with things I don't use.


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