Friday, July 13, 2012

"Before" and "In Progress"

I didn't want to do this post. I never thought I would be the person who doesn't want to look back at old photos of herself. But I kind of am.

I worry that by looking back like this, I am getting stuck in the past. Getting stuck in thoughts like: "how could I have let this go on for so long", and "how did I ever think I felt and looked good!?" I want to be positive and remember only the happy moments that these photos represent, but it is damn hard. And then I remember that that's all loser talk, and I am so not a loser, and I was happy then, and I was satisfied with all that I had and all that I was. And so I don't mind posting these pics...

I choose to focus on the present, and look forward to the future.

And I choose to post these because I want to be proud of how far I have come, and be happy with how good I feel about myself today.
And I chose to wear the same dress because it felt damn good to put it on knowing that it was going to look really big compared to the "before" pics! See that second pic there? That's me holding my head up high, goofy grin and all.
Before: April 28 & June 16, 2011
In Progress: June 28, 2012

Please note: I decided to call these "Before & In Progress" pictures. Gorgeous Clever Nadine thought I should post something because of how far I have come (and how amazing the transformation is), but I hate to think that this is the end for me. And so stepped in my Gorgeous Clever Little Sister Amy, who told me to post the current photos as "in progress". And I like that!

later loves


  1. Look at you!!!!!

    I am tearing up at how proud of you I am! These pictures represent weeks & weeks...months of hard work, determination and not taking the easy route.
    You are so very inspiring. You have become a voice in my head that cheers me on and says "you too can do this".

    You look amazing! Beautiful! You have a new energy about you that yells "I am fabulous!" and I think it is so wonderful!

    You're smokin my sweet, skinny mini, beautiful friend!

  2. You look gorgeous. Also, you can totally make that dress work for your new body if you belt it! It's too cute to just be in the closet. And you don't want to hide your shape by wearing it without something to synch it in.

    Serious girl. You look damn good and you should be super proud of your in-progress bod, whether you decide it's the right size or not.

  3. Lisa you do look fantastic - and I loved the little number you were wearing the other night!! Good on you girl :)


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