Thursday, July 12, 2012

Fat Bottom Girls Will Be Riding Your Way

I've been riding my bike more and more. I even rode it to the Liquor Depot to pick up from fruit beer on the night I took these photos. And I ride it to the mall close to home when I need a couple of groceries, or to pick up something from the library. I have even been riding it to Zumba, which might be a tad crazy considering how like jelly my legs feel afterwards!

And sometimes I ride it just for fun. I took a trip down memory lane, literally and figuratively around the time these photos were taken. I biked to Mom's house and around my old stomping grounds. I used to ride my bike all the time around there by myself. I have never (ever ever) been a fan of big social events, and I would often take off on my bike if all the people were getting to me. By myself, I would ride for hours around the neighbourhood. Exploring new paths and trails, and seeing how long I could avoid the teenagers.

After my parents got divorced, Dad & I used to go riding after supper up and down the hills by our place. There were a lot less houses and roads out there back then (hello Anthony Henday!) so it was a nice, quiet way to spend some time with my Dad and do the thing I loved best!

I used to be all stuck on how I didn't like the style of my bike, and how the placement of the handlebars hurt my hands, and blah blah blah. But now I realize that it's not the type of bike that counts. It's how you use it!

And now I am getting those giant leg muscles that bikers get...oh dear. I need to start taking a yoga class and smooth those bad boys out!

later loves

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  1. I used to bike ALL the time, but now I'm a lazy bones with a car. Womp womp. I gotta get back on mine for some leisurely pedals through Jasper.
    Have you made it home safely?


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