Sunday, July 15, 2012

Currently...rainy day light

9:32am, home

eating: Chex, blueberries, almond milk
drinking: homemade cup o joe
listening: Sam Roberts
working on: some sweet bed head
creating: Mini albums! oh how I missed you!!
later today: cleaning studio & watching King's Speech on the iPad
later this week: painting bookshelves, moving furniture (pssst...don't tell Russel!)
needing: to go through my vacation photos and start printing and posting them
loving: being back home

It is still rainy and windy this morning, after quite the storm last night. I'm going to head out to the gym soon, and get my sweat on. I am definitely in a clean & organize mood this week. This always happens after I come back from holidays. All those perfectly uncluttered hotel rooms. Living with the bare essentials. Unplugging and unwinding. I need me some of this in my home life as well.
Unfortunately, I have a minor anxiety attack every time I even approach my studio to start cleaning. I've already had things fall on my head, and got stuck in between piles of stuff calling for Russel to bring me a garbage bag and some water! But I am determined to push through, and get rid of all those things bogging me down and putting a barrier around my creativity and the peace I need to find while spending quality creating time in that room. This is going to take some time...I am always super jealous of those people who can spend a couple of hours in their space tidying up and have everything good-to-go by the end of the day. I want to be you!!

Coming up on notladylike...
- I wrote a guest post for someone else's blog!
- Me & a monkey decorate a tank top! Mark those calendars!!
- Let's chat about "earth-friendly" cleaning...ooh la la

later loves


  1. you guest blogged!? for whoooo, I wonder? ;)
    I'm digging the bed head. My looks quite similar at the moment.

  2. IT's been all rainy here too. I kind of like it even though it usually makes me feel a little lazy :) Best of luck on your craft room cleaning!

  3. There is actually nothing better than starting your day with breakfast and a spot of reading on the iPad. Perfection.

    Melissa @ Melicious


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