Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Arts and Crafty

Remember this picture? From this "currently" post?

I was trying out a technique that Chan told me about. Since it sounded messy, random and daring, I of course had to give it a go!

Pretty much you sprinkle a bunch of things on to a piece of paper, or a tag in my case.
These "things" are embossing powders, glitter, seed beads, these flake things that we just got in the store. Whatever you've got, just throw it on there.

Then you heat the bottom of the paper/tag. You must not forget to heat the bottom or else you will blow everything away. Very important.

Heat and heat and heat until all is melted together.
And voila!

I am making loads of these! I love them! My floor is covered in glitter!!

Also, this makes me realize I need to invest in some other colours of things. I have three shades of blue and green in everything. What happened to the rest of the rainbow, Lisa?

I am also combining this gluttonous crafting with a new project.

Some things that have happened recently have made me realize that life is too short to go without telling people you love them and treasure their presence in your life.

So I am doing a massive mail out of these special tags to all the people in my life that I couldn't live without.

I was so happy when I saw how many tags I needed to make...
(this is only the first batch)

later loves

p.s. This technique is featured on the TM Inspiration Blog today with some additional close ups of the other colour combos I used. Check it out!

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  1. Dearest Lisa,
    Thank you for the awesome tag! I have hung it on my bullitin board to remind me of real friendship! love you lots and really appreciate it! xo


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