Monday, March 19, 2012

Bestest Best

"Bestest Best" is what I say when I want to describe something that is truly awesome. Like the most awesome thing. This layout is about the best parts of our Banff weekend.
*New My Mind's Eye paper. There is still some left in the online store...there is none left in the brick-and-mortar store!
* New Prima stickers letters
* New Jenni Bowlin paper and stickers (love this honeycomb trend!)

And more Mister Huey splatters. What am I going to do when that bottle is empty!?

Also, I am now a thief of hotel room doilies. You know the ones housekeeping puts underneath the cups? I yoinked a bunch from Banff to use on my layouts. Beats paying a whole buck for them at the Dollarama!

later loves

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