Sunday, March 11, 2012

2012 update

I have been such a bad bad girl...not following through with my goals like I thought I would!

This page gives you a run down of the four simple tasks I set for myself at the beginning of this year.

I am going to go through them one-by-one, to get the point across to myself and maybe give me the necessary kick in the pants to do something!!

#1. Create ART everyday. Create something everyday. I was really good about doodling in my journal for that first month, and then I started in on Project Life and all hell broke loose. I really enjoyed Julie's post on Project Life the other day. Near the end, she writes about P.L. has taken her away from Art Journaling, as it is so time consuming and has so much in common with an art journal that she finds she's repeating herself. And I totally agree! I have been finding so much satisfaction in my random little art journals right now, that I find myself struggling to complete my PL each week.

#2. Read 52 books. Here is a goal that I am really sinking my teeth in to. I am at 14 books so far, and going strong in to March. I have almost reached my library goal, and I borrowed a bunch of books from my buddy this month as well. He reads goofy books like me!

#3. Coffee dates...this one is the no-go. I feel so busy all the time, like my nights and weekends get eaten right up before I have any say in the matter. I inadvertently had a "tea-date" with the friend who lent me his books. I went over to pick them up, and he asked me in for tea. Not quite what I was thinking of when I created this goal, but it was awesome, so it will have to do! March is the month to start these! Come hell or high water...

#4. Look to the sky. No problems there. I went star-gazing a bunch of times in February, learned the names of some constellations, and am reading lots of interesting star-related articles and watching some neat-o videos. The weather hasn't been great lately for stargazing (cold + cloudy), but I'm not worried.

So, I guess I haven't been doing so bad, but there are definitely ways I can improve.

These four things were very important to me in January, and they still are. Which means to me, that I picked the right goals!!

This month I am going to:
- go on at least one coffee date (#3)
- finish my Collider book (#2 & #4)
- "Catch up" my Project Life album, and re-evaluate how this is working (re: not working) for me (#1)

There...that makes me feel much better. All warm and cozy inside.
Oops, did I type cozy? I meant crazy...obviously.
later loves

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  1. Hmmm. I don't know what to say. I set NO goals. And I'm OK with that. So what do I know?


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