Wednesday, January 04, 2012

2012 Goal #2

Read 52 Books!

I accomplished this last year and it felt so good, so I thought I would add it to the list again. This post from early 2011 details some of my guidelines for this goal. I was basing all of this on another blogger's own goal for herself. Thanks to my own personal success on this, I have decided to tailor-make my own rules for myself this year. Feel free to play along, or to make your own reading challenge!

Lisa's 52 Books in 2012 Guidelines
1. Read at your own pace. There is no minimum per month.
2. At least 15 books should be borrowed from the library.
3. At least 20 books should be purchased second-hand, or borrowed from other readers.
4. Re-reads count. E-books count, because they are still books...duh!
5. Graphic novels count towards the total, but comic books and magazines don't.

I will be documenting all the books I read each month in a similar fashion to how I did it last year. I will also document all the comic books and magazines I read, just for fun as they won't count towards my final total. I think a goal of "reading more" should include all forms of reading. I have read some Scientific American articles that are full of more information than some novels!!

I hope some of you join me in adding "read more" to your list of goals for the year. It really was rewarding to look back through my list of books last year and see all that I had accomplished. Reading is important to me, and I would love to be able to inspire others to bring more reading in to their lives!


  1. ok. I'm in on the books. Putting a link to my reading list. Can you post your books?

  2. I'm in! setting up a link on my blog for a reading list.

  3. I'm down! Two books deep already! Wahoo... wait is that good? Just on pace, yikes! I'm still in :)


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