Thursday, January 05, 2012

January is...

the month for mini albums! I have made a promise to myself to complete one mini album each week for the entire month of January. I already have a good start on this week's and will be posting the finished product with a little video tutorial on Friday.

Each week I will feature a different style of mini book, and will give you some video tips on completing one for yourself! I learned from the disaster that was my December Daily that while I love completing mini books, I also hate being overwhelmed and I always want to include too much! I also can't do a little at a time and expect to keep up. I need to sit down, have everything ready to go in front of me, and just get it all done in a couple of sittings.

Oh, and they need to be small! Nothing like a 30 page mini book to really shake your faith in humanity.

So all of my books will be nice and small and neat. Just my style.

Nothing like this monstrosity...

In other news...I'm on track for posting my 2012 goals here, and I have a little "blog renovation" in mind that I want to accomplish before the end of next week. Wish me luck!

2012 looks good on you!

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  1. Wishing you every success, and looking forward to the little mini-books!


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