Friday, March 09, 2012


Tina Aszmus (Studio Calico DT, and all-around amazing lady) has been doing "currents" posts for as long as I've been reading her blog. That's a long time.

"Currents" is a list of things she is doing, eating, reading, watching, thinking etc. at this very moment.

Click here for her latest.

She is also a truly inspired photographers, so her currents list is always accompanied by a beautiful, ethereal, perfect-moment-captured photograph.

Thanks to the popularity of her "currents" posts, she has branched into making notecards to capture your "currents" for Project Life.

Have I mentioned that she is amazing?


I thought I would attempt a "currents" list here.

Also, I think it's already kind of hilarious how many times I've typed the word "currents" in this post so far. It has already started to sound funny in my head! You know when that happens...

time: 9:24 am
location: green chair, living room
watching: nothing (will probably put in a library movie soon)
listening: my "Newbies" playlist (Beirut, Darjeeling, Arcade Fire, Black Keys, etc.)
chatting: with my Dad. he calls every Friday morning like clockwork. I love it.
eating: nothing...I should fix that
drinking: coffee
wanting: to exchange my "Wedding Dress" for a smaller size
needing: to just leave it alone, and focus on other stuff today
loving: everything...honestly
creating: some sparkly tags (see photo above...more on this later!)
thinking: about the length and breadth of life, about friendship
hoping: this burst of energy and happiness will last forever

and here is my currents photo...oh dear...
Gotta love that bed head. I have commandeered Lucas' fold up table for computering purposes. I don't think he'll mind.

I have added a "Currently" list to my sidebar so you can see what kinds of things are occupying my thoughts lately. Some are blog things, some are web things, and some are just random things. I might throw in a made-up thing every once and awhile to keep you on your toes!

later loves...I've got things to do...

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  1. I'm on my toes and I think your hair looks lovely. lol


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