Monday, March 12, 2012

My New Friend

Note: The photos that accompany this post are very (very) loosely connected to the subject matter of this post. I wanted to show that not only can you "art journal" with inks and paper, but on your blog as well. This is like an art journal entry, in blog form...I'm trying not to be "afraid" to use this space to open up and encourage others to do the same. We'll see what happens.

Have you ever met someone that intrigued you? Someone who inspired you to think and try new things? Someone who made you look at yourself in a new way, and see the best in yourself? I met someone like that in Mexico.

Being around this person gave me a few insights into myself. It was quite refreshing, quite wonderful.

Quite unexpected.

And it prompted me to make some slight changes in my life. For myself. For the better. I would never recommend changing yourself to please another person (that's ridiculous), but it is quite an interesting experience to see yourself through new eyes and be able to use that in your own life.

It has also made me realize that I have been terrible at "making new friends" as an adult. I have never been particularly good at this, but at this point it is taking me way out of my comfort zone, and that is so sad.

I am sending emails and texts and doing all these things that I never ever thought I would ever be comfortable doing.

But I am.

And it's truly confusing to me, because it appears to be working.

We have stuff in common (lots, as far as I am concerned) and conversations come easily, which very rarely happens for me.

And I'm not annoying this new friend with all of my emails and of yet...fingers crossed.

I'm far too excited about this.

Giddy even.

I'm really starting to worry that I am going to muck it up somehow.

I'm on "Cloud Nine" here people.

What a spectacular feeling...

later loves

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  1. I am in the same boat as you with making new friends as an adult. Where do you meet potential new friends? How does the whole process work? It is sad that in the last few years I've grown apart from some friends I used to be close with. I miss chatting and hanging out with them but peoples lives change and so does the friendship. Alexander and I, while we love the few friends we have, sometimes it is hard to get together because of crazy schedules so we usually just end up being our own little team. A lot of the friends I have now are through Alexander.


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