Monday, January 09, 2012

2012 Goal #3

One of the changes I want to make in my life is to meet up with friends more often. It seems nowadays that the only way I keep in touch is by stalking someone on Facebook! And that is just not good enough. So starting next week I am going to try and go on one coffee date every couple of weeks!

Goal: "Keep in Touch"
Particulars: Meet up with one lucky lady (or gentleman) every couple of weeks - schedule permitting - for a coffee date. I have compiled a list of people I want to see, which I am not going to include here. Chat and catch up.
Deadline: Ongoing!

I have decided to include my two best friends in this as well, and invite my boys on some coffee dates. Because I can always use a little extra love from these guys!

And speaking of Facebook, I found this interesting article last month, posted on Facebook of all places. The author details how Facebook is making us more miserable, more anxious about our jobs and personal lives, cutting into our work day, fragmenting our time spent doing other things, and wreaking havoc on our ability to make and maintain personal connections with living, breathing human beings. Most of the comments were from users who had stopped using Facebook and had no regrets. I am rarely on Facebook nowadays, but do enjoy the occasional bump into people that I wouldn't normally interact with. Is Facebook inherently evil? No. But does it have the tendency to exacerbate bad behavior in otherwise decent people? Yep...for the most part.

In closing: Facebook less. Coffee dates yes!

Also, you might be getting an email within the next year requesting your presence at a coffee house of your choosing to help Lisa accomplish this goal! Be a dear and pick somewhere with decent parking...

p.s. what happens when you want to start a new blog but someone has already used the web address you wanted? I am stalling out...clever failing...wit evaporating...sarcasm sign dropping...


  1. This sounds a very worthwhile thing to be doing! Wishing you many happy caffiene-filled and chatty hours.

  2. I request dates while shaking our rumps at Zumba.

    We can go for coffee too :)


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