Tuesday, March 09, 2010

why is a raven like a writing desk?

this morning the air smelled of sausages.

Kato-dog ate my new lipsyl on Sunday so I am suffering without.

I got a blog award! Thanks Electra!

I got sidetracked by a tax-related question this morning. I have been productive, but not doing what I wanted to be doing!

I have a dreaded Playschool Board meeting tonight. But the real dreaded meeting is next week, and I double-booked myself so I now need to worry about re-arranging things with people who might not appreciate that! Oh my.

I am almost finished a lovely painting. It ws so therapeautic and relaxing to work on her last night. I really needed that. I will share once her story is complete. I've been working on a whole series of "Awesome Lovelies"...one of them was me...and so this will be my third. She has a name, and I do of course, but the first one doesn't. But she's not quite done yet either. Remember Perrier-girl? Hey, that just might work!

I have decided that if my computer weren't so slow, i would get much more done. It's kind of ridonkulous. I am sitting in front of a stack of bills to be paid. But I don't use the computer for that, and a lot of people make fun of me for that reason (among others). I use a typewriter to write cheques. That's just the way we roll here.
yes...just like this

Leigh-Ann has inspired me to do something with ties. I don't know what...yet...

And these colours make me excited for spring! Thanks Rachel!

And I think I want to make one of these for my potential road trip this weekend.

Or something like it.
And it will be my road trip destination reveal as well!
I'm rocking this 30 Before 30 List!

So I've decided that I am as obsessed with hay bales, as I am with Grain Elevators. A dying breed, they are. All of my memories of prairie road trips, and visiting relatives in Saskatchewan are peppered with visions of grain elevators in my peripheral vision.

Speaking of road trip, Russel really wants to go here, as pictured below, but we've had to settle for something similar, but closer to home! Can you guess?

The first and last time I was at the Grand Canyon was on a road trip with my Mom & Dad back in the 80s. We visited my aunt in Dallas, and my great grandparents in Arizona. We saw the caves at Carlsbad, and we tubed on the Salt River. It was epic. I should look for some pictures to post, or scrapbook. I had terrible short hair...some things never change!

I love finding new DIY bloggers & websites. People sharing their craft-i-ness with the world! I'm firm believer in "why buy it if I can make it myself?" and these sites always satisfy!
Check out:
I Still Love You and this tutorial for giant jersey pom poms
The Purl Bee & this tutorial on felt rosebuds

To Do tonight:
- finish painting mail box for school
- Playschool Board meeting
- post pictures of my "30 Before 30" book
- start building my rear view mirror decor/road trip reveal-inator
(Note: Lucas & I watch this funny show called Phineas & Ferb, about these little boys who invent crazy things. And they have a sister who always tries to bust them, but their invention always mysteriously disappears right before her Mom walks in. They have a pet platypus who is also a Secret Agent. Perry's arch nemesis is Doofenshmirtz, who wants to take over the entire tri-state area. He always creates evil machines called something-inator. Like the Shrinkinator, the Inator and the Even Bigger Inator. It is hilarious...wow that was a lot of talk just to explain why I used the "-inator" suffix earlier...hmmm)
- call my financial advisor...she leaves the longest messages!

Back to work...later skater alligator!


  1. I {heart} the Grand Canyon. I didn't know how much I would until after I went. I would totally go again and I would go down the canyon and camp on the bottom or do a rafting thingy.

  2. I love the Grand Canyon, too, but Bryce Canyon is prettier this time of year with the snow juxtaposed to the red rock.

    Thanks for the link love! Cheers!


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