Friday, February 05, 2010

Inspiring Me Today...

Here is another random post for you. It's a good way to ease me into this new posting process. Ack! is all I have to far

This is my latest painting. The fact that she is reminiscent of a Perrier bottle is just a coincidence! There is a lot of work left to do.

A picture of my watercolour ladies from the other day. Don't they look perfect on my wall?

And here is a picture of a random moment of my day. These three pieces - red basket, yellow lego, book flyer - that are probably destined for the trash, and my iPod.

I am having guests over tonight. I freak out when I have people over...I love it, but it freaks me out. I have been cleaning and tidying all day. My house hasn't looked this good in ages. Maybe I need the threat of more visitors to keep it clean on a daily basis! HA!

Gots to clean the table, put away the laptop, put some toys away and then just sit and relax, and maybe read my new Anthro catalogue!!

Wish me luck...later


  1. You're "wall of art" looks awesome!
    I used to clean before my mom came to visit but then she lost her eyesight so I didn't have to. :-)

  2. Lisa your paintings are amazing! I have to ask - is your blog header one of your paintings?? It is very cool!


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