Monday, February 08, 2010

First, let's answer some questions...

Yes, my blog header is actually two of my paintings. I took detail shots then spliced them together in The painting on the left is the one I did for Jill not too long ago. Check out some pictures of the entire thing here. The other one is my "Focus" painting that I have finally "finished"...I'm not too keen on the words I put on it, but it's as done as it's going to be for awhile. Until I decide to repaint it again! I haven't taken any full shots of it yet.

I don't buy any special kind of nail polish...just whatever colour catches my fancy. I saw some amazing colours at Shoppers the other day, but I was in a rush so I didn't buy them. I've actually been thinking that this would be a fab little gift for a friend! And with V-day coming up...hmmm! This is much easier than making a bunch of felt hearts!! Yippee for me!


K...back to the post...

It's an online window shopping day today! Check these babies out!

**Vintage Glasses found here
**Cool t-shirt found here
**Illustration found here
**Robot found here

I did some real shopping last week. I went to the Antique Mall after work on Thursday and picked up three pairs of ClipOn earrings (gorgeous), a little suitcase (beige, with potential), and a special gift for a special lady. I found a super cool metal end table that I really want for my bedroom. But first I have to deal with the end tables that are already in there. Sell or throw. I can always go back and pick it up...if it survived the weekend! It was turquoise, with a cream drawer can see why I'm in love. I'll take pics of my earrings this week and post.

I always browse through the Joe Fresh stuff when I'm grocery shopping at Superstore. And I really needed some longer t-shirts, so I bought a couple in some fun colours. As well as a long, grey knit vest, and a darker grey cardigan. And some neutral tanks...they finally got them back in stock. Joe has the cutest little spring coats right now...great colours and the cutest cut! But I never wear cute spring coats...I have a couple of blazers that I will have to dust off when the weather starts to smarten up!
Crafty Things
I haven't really been doing anything too "crafty" lately. But these ladies have...

I have been scrapbooking lately...I spent many hours at TM on Saturday working on layouts for upcoming Techniques. I finished FIVE! Wow! And I actually really love them duds in the bunch. But you will have to wait to see them!

My Techniques this week are inspired by Valentine's Day. Yes, you read that right, I have a bunch of Techniques to share with you! And I've already started making the new Technique Blog! Hoorah! I just need to come up with a great Header...and any ideas on that would be very welcome!

Right now I am reading a non-fiction book, a semi-forgotten B-day or Xmas present from 2008. The World Without Us by Alan Weisman is all about what the world would look like if humans were to literally disappear tomorrow. There are a lot of references to what the world was like before humans, and a lot of the sources are the same as in the book I just finished reading (The Third Chimpanzee), si I am really in my element! Note: these books are not really great for people who don't believe in

Next on the list...??? I'm not sure. I have some 2nd hand books I could dive into (Cranford, Wuthering Heights) and there's always my Jane Austen on my iPod. But I think I'm going to follow Veronica's lead and renew my library card. When we were still renting our old place I used my library card all the time, because I was in walking distance of the local library. And it was a nice library. I am still sort of in walking distance to a library, but it's not the best branch there is. But it would give me an excuse to go for a walk. I think it's still to far for Lucas to do, especially in the cold.

New Blogs
Mer mag
Dressing on the Side
Sew Mama Sew

I spent some quality time on LeighAnn's blog today, going to each of her advertisers. The amount of talent "out there" astounds me, blows me away! Check back for a potential "Featuring" post on someone other than me! hazaa!

k. only one hour to kill before work is through. I have a playschool meeting tonight, which is always good for a laugh...ha...but maybe I'll get some crafting in later. Or scrapbooking. the deadline for Canadian Scrapbooker is Family Day. I have one week. I submitted a bunch more layouts on the weekend. I have to finish some hearts for V-Day, and send some mail. Otherwise, I'm hoping for a quiet week.

What do y'all have planned this week? Anything fun??

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  1. I saw a show on tv once about what would happen to earth if humans suddenly disappeared. I didn't catch it all but it was pretty interesting. I can't remember what it was called of what channel it aired on.

    I think I might submit that sea page. What the hell right? I still need to add a title to it. I fell in love with the green letters Lisa S had so maybe when I'm at TM Friday they will have some back in stock? If not I own a million letters I could use *grin*

  2. The TV show you saw was probably the same thing...the guy who wrote the book also wrote articles for papers and magazines with the same idea in mind...kind of like a serial. So Russ & I figure it's the same guy involved with both.


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