Friday, January 22, 2010

Don'tcha Just Love...

When all the songs playing on your iPod, one after another, are awesome! And that's why I have a "Most Beloved" playlist

When you clean up your house and it stays clean for a whole night! Wow! Unprecedented...

When you make a random comment on a blog where there are hundreds of comments, and the Blogger writes you back! Thanks Danielle rock my world!

Funny contractions. Like I'd'!

Dontcha just hate when the scroll on your mouse doesn't work? What the!?

I challenge you scrapbookers out there to submit a layout to a design call or magazine call this month. For example, here's the link to the Canadian Scrapbooker submissions page. The stuff they are looking for is easey-peasy this time 'round. Like use turquoise, or woodgrain, or paperclips, or everyday life, or your view, or postcards. It's like they put up a sign and said "Lisa, send us everything!" You have until Feb 15 to submit to them, and it's really easy. You can do it right from that page.

I know I used to be a naysayer about getting published and what-not...but winning that contest and getting another layout accepted has really been a boost to my creative ego. I'm not resting all my future happiness on getting published again, but it's a great challenge to myself. And honestly I cannot wait to see my stuff in print! Even if you don't submit, maybe put some of your layouts on a public site for others to see...and to take inspiration from!

I finished Jill's painting yesterday. My magic stuff finally came in the mail so I got straight to work!

I used some stuff from the Kitschy Digitals {Goods} store. This is a fabulous store. Fabulous. The feathers look real! It's so cool.

the lyrics are from a Led Zeppelin song: "Going to California". They read: Someone told me there's a girl out there with love in her eyes and flowers in her hair."

This is my new corner. I added an old tv tray in front of the fireplace, added some more books and moved one of my clocks there. It looks like...ME! There's usually a cool pillow on the chair, but Lucas moved it so his cars would have a place to sit!

My update Expedit display. See Jill's painting in the middle? Now there's a sad void...I need to buy some bigger canvases!
This is where I put my paintings to dry. They sit so perfectly in the window!
And they actually make a nice burst of colour in my otherwise bland and beige kitchen.
This is the paintin Lucas started. He picks the colours, I squirt them on the canvas, he moves them around then picks another colour. When he gets bored I move them around some more, add some water droplets and call it a day! It is gorgeous by-the-way...reminds me of a space telescope picture that someone has coloured.
Lucas' favourite computer games are: Cars website and game, Thomas website, Bob the Builder website, Teletoon website, Cafe World on Facebook! He knows how to do pretty much everything on every site and he only gets frustrated if he accidentally opens up another window and can't get back. But he's learning that even that can't slow him down!
k. am going to get ready and go get Lucas. later.


  1. Man o Man you have so much freakin energy! Well done!
    Delta Art supplies BTW is having a super sale. Bought some massive gallery canvas yesterday there- real 40% off. Go check out there website. I am going back Monday to buy some pens I fell in lust with..can pick u up a canvas or two if you like.

  2. I love listening to my ipod in the car - no commercials! But when I'm home alone I like to listen to the radio, hearing someone talk makes it less scary (and yes, I still do get creeped out at home by myself...especially if it is for a long time!).

  3. Yes, as Laurie said... so much energy. I can feel it as I read your words. It makes me happy. I LOVE!!! the paintings in the window, they look beautiful. I also quite enjoy Lucas sitting at the laptop, he looks like a little business man.


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