Thursday, January 21, 2010

more of my style

I bought some fabrics from Etsy yesterday. I was looking for vintage stuff, but couldn't really find anything that I really like, and that would work for my master plan. So I ended up going new...which means I need to get as much out of these guys as possible!

I got a pack, which means I saved maybe half a cent (I dunno...), then one extra to match. I am going to make pillow covers for the ugg-mo pillows on my sofa. Or couch. Or whatever. I call it a sofa just to bug Lucas (he is of the couch-sayers).

I'm going to do a bold pattern on one side, and a smaller pattern on the other. Everything is blue, green, orange, red, yellow...I've decided these are my colours!

There were a lot of different colours in this bird print, but I just couldn't see where I would use it, so I passed for now. But it is so nice...

All fabrics from here. I like buying everything from one shop if possible. You save on shipping and then you know everything will come at the same time!

I put away some of the mess in my LR yesterday...all of it Lucas' mess...and moved a rocking chair down there and put all my knitting in a basket beside, and it looks so quaint and cute and I love it! But you can't look too far left or right or else the world comes crashing down and you see how much more I have to do! One corner at a time, that's what I say. Next I want to tackle the display on my Expedit units. I have to embrace the "less is more" mantra and really me ruthless and put things away. It mostly just looks cluttered right now.

The new Technique is up. I'm thinking of changing that Blog grand plans or anything, just a little tweaking. The most wonderful Juli set it up for us ages ago, but now it's mostly just mine so I thought I would take it off her hands! But Jules, wait for the word before you delete it! HA!

k...that's it. I wanted to see if I could post some more pictures, but nothing is popping out for me right now I will however tell you how much I love for simple simple photo editing.

The top picture is one I did with on Russ' laptop. It's what I use to shrink my photos so they are easier to blog.
The next two are my favourite Rollip effects. It takes about 30 seconds to upload a picture and the effect is instant. You don't really have to do any work. And they have 40 different effects, or something like that! It's great!

later for real...


  1. Beautiful fabric! I also think your new header/ focus canvas is wonderful!

  2. lisa these pictures look so amazing. cant wait to try


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