Wednesday, January 20, 2010

all that is lost is found

I found Naomi's book! No word of a lie, it fell down behind the end table in my living room. I thought I had checked there...I guess it wasn't checked enough! So my dear, expect another visit from me in the near future. I remember you saying something about a tea date...?

and now in no particular order...

my latest "Housewares Bag" bootie. One of the bags was filled with old (from the 60s) postcards from Amsterdam, Paris, Heidelberg, etc. etc. etc. Made my day and my week!
I cannot get enough of these DIY pom-poms. I need to buy more necklaces so I can make more. I see another trip to VV in the near future. would anyone like to join me??
This is my librarian/secretary look. i am such a hot tamale! HA! my new blue shoes would go perfect with this outfit.
A little project I made up the other day. I had tried to rust this old coffee can, but the only part of it that rusted was the bottom, so I was leaving rust stains wherever I left the can. So I Tacky Taped some felt along the bottom, and now I have some fabulous magnetic storage! Im so happy.
A random shot of my mantle decor. Don't ask me why I took a picture from this particular angle...this week I want to paint this wall and hang my frames on it. Including a "sticker" frame I bought from TM, and the large Riff Raff frame that was a gift from Kara and Ben a hundred forevers ago. Maybe this will be the kick in the butt I need to paint it and get it ready to hang. Lucas was very sad when we put the Xmas tree away because that meant Xmas was over. So I left some little lights out on the mantle for him. But I didn't turn them on before I took this pic, so you can even really see them. What was I thinking?

Right now, I am listening to this's grrrr-eat!

And I should now get back to the regular scheduled programming of my day. Get dressed. Get Lucas. Go grocery shopping.

later skater alligator


  1. great post - looove that song, too!

  2. OMG LOVE the outfit. So Mad Men! Pick me please for VV. I am one of those idiots who believe VV needs to be said with a french accent...sad but true. My grad gown when I graduated in 1988 "gasp" was a wedding dress from VV I dyed black ahem..grey..
    Warning though...I go through EVERY rack....

  3. i'm totally down for VV I need to find some wedding stuff....Oh but I don't do the clothes thing so Laure would be better....

    If you find a bag of tacky brooches I want them I need lots of them, particularly flowers :)

    Your so cute, Love the pompoms!

  4. Lisa...I don't think the outfit is librarian at all, I agree with Laurie, it's very Mad Mennish! (love the retro look!!) It totally suits you!


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