Thursday, February 04, 2010

It's Thursday, etc.

I started another painting yesterday. All greens and blacks. I've already started sketching out the lady that's going to live there.

And that watercolour I started the other night. It's not so bad. I still might add a little extra to it. And I put too much water on their lips with the colour, so their lipstick is bleeding! But they look cute with their friends up on my green wall. I've decided that the title of this work will be "Queens of the Stone Age" because for some reason they remind me of a modern-day Betty and Wilma.

I have to keep reminding myself of my "Tough" Goals this week. Be positive. Think happy thoughts. Be positive think happy thoughts. Be proactive. If something is bugging you speak up.

Something is bugging me. Lots of things. Big time. And this week I must speak up or I will go crazy. Big time.

This morning I saw the cutest fella in the Starbucks line. he had old school glasses and the best hair do. This is the closest image I could find. But is hair was platinum blonde. So cute! And since Russ has started reading my blog - hi hun - I must clarify that I only admired his fab fashion sense and rad throwback hair. Nothing else. Gosh isn't the bowtie and tweed on the guy in the picture amazing? Yes...yes it is!

This is going to be my new favourite webbering: sonic on youtube. I haven't watched any of the videos yet, but I am quite excited.

Check out the new Riff Raff Designs Chipboard shapes! Can you guess which ones are my favourites!!??

Okay, so in this post alone, I covered quite a number of my goal-topics. Would you prefer to see each topic in a dedicated post to that topic. Say focus only on music or fashion and not both? I get distracted by pretty things so I have to include everything. I could start saving things for a future post, but I would probably forget!

Check this out. Sometimes I feel like I am missing a whole other world "out there" in the cloud. And then when I find a little piece of it, I am so happy!

I've been needing a lot of web-breaks today at work. Everyday this week I came thinking: "today will be a cinch"...and then the crap hits my desk. I am leaving early's a necessity.

Lucas has his second swimming lesson tonight. Did I mention that there was no need for me to be having panic attacks all the way to the pool on Tuesday? He was a perfectly well-behaved angel! He was so excited, he kept saying "swimming lessons, woo hoo!" and he was jumping up and down in the change room. And on the way to the pool he kept asking me what the pool was like, and if it was like Millennium Place. And he did so well in class. He actually stood under the shower and got his whole head wet twice when his teacher asked him. And he followed her into the pool, and he did all the things she asked and he never got mad when she went and got him as he was making a break for the deep end. And the only time he got upset was when class was over. He wanted to keep swimming. He was so wonderful. So I rewarded his good behaviour with Sushi for dinner that night. No reason for Mom & Dad not to benefit as well! Russ is going to come watch tonight. It will be splendid...but I have no idea what's going to be for dinner!! HA!

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  1. I need web breaks at work all the time! *grin*


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