Saturday, January 30, 2010


Wow...I went one whole day without posting! What is wrong with me!?!? Lots of Style School students keep asking Elsie how she got such a large online following. And one of her tips is to blog everyday, even on the weekend. I don't think I would have a problem with that! Too bad I'm having such a hard problem typing lately!

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This is my sad scarf, doomed from the start. It looked so rough...I added stitches without realizing it, then fixed them but it was too late and my scarf was looking very wonky and horrid. And then I went to work on it one day, and pulled the needles right out of the stitches. So I had to pull the whole thing apart.

But it was all for the best, cause I took that yarn and made a near perfect neck warmer! I just need to add some buttons and call it done. I already love it. And to celebrate I bought some new chunky yarn to make neck warmers for all my outfits!

This is a Style School project...25% complete! All I need is a pillow to put this on. I love freestyle embroidery.

Aren't I the fashionable one? New VV skirt. Old shirt that just about made it's way to VV from my closet. I am very keen on doubling up scarfs lately. I had a tiny little white one, and a giant yellow one. Together they look purposeful. Plus it keeps me warm in the cold office.

New layout I finished the other day at the store. I am going to submit it to Canadian Scrapbooker in their "real life" category. But I think I need to reprint the photos first. They are pretty bad quality. But the layout is cute!

This is me at the store going crazy over all the pretty paper that came in. I heart colourful paper, even if I never buy any of it!

I'm crazy for coffee! My wonderful, globe-trotting stepdad bought me this "City Mug" in Dubai. It is very large - it fits my regular 18oz. coffee serving with room for milk which I don't add - and the handle broke off on the plane ride home and it is my new favourite. This is actually what I look like if I haven't had my coffee for the day. Maybe a little less animated!

I have noticed that my photos are really really grainy lately. I know that the light has been bad in the house, but even the ones with semi-good lighting are just bad. Bad bad bad. I know that I should tough it out and keep it on manual, but sometimes it is just so frustrating. The black just isn't black, y'know? So I do a little editing, but it's just not the same.

I have been inspired to do a fun Valentine's inspired freebie. I found these cute plastic frames in the DollarFifty bins at Michael's and if I wasn't so darn environmentally conscious I would have bought them all! Instead I bought three for me and one for you!

I'm also throwing in a little stuffed heart I made this morning, some pink stationary items, buttons, and whatever else that is pink/red/purple that I can find in my stash. I for sure added some things after I took this Jenni Bowlin labels, or something. I can't remember. It's all good, I promise! But you can't have the "K"...that's mine! Tee hee!

So post a comment here telling me your favourite Valentine's tradition, or your best Valentine's ever. My hubby proposed on V-day 9 years ago, so it's hard for him to top that! But I'm so much of a homebody, I like a little sushi and some time with my boys and I'm a happy girl!
Deadline for entries: February 10th
Anyone can enter, even "internationals". I will ship wherever you live!
And if I've got any Style School Classmates stopping by...HI! Leave your blog address in the post as well, especially if I don't already have you in the sidebar. One of my "goals" is to get to everyone's blogs...eventually!

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  1. Hello Lady!
    Grainy or not I am loving all your photos. I am also loving all your fashions- cute. cute. I found those frames yesterday at Michaels, had to only allow myself 2! Boo. I don't really have any Valentine traditions but I do love hearts and my favorite color is red so I plan to decorate sometime today with tons of red & hearts. I am also dropping off & mailing Valentine goodies this year. Excited.

  2. With February being birday-palooza we are just keeping V day low key. Maybe some fun-do and a quiet night in.

  3. Lisa I love your scarves and neck warmers! I also think the photo of you with the paper is quite amusing!
    P.S. Is your new blog header a work of art by you.. I love it!

  4. Am loving the color of the wool of your neck warmer. Do u take order? Knit on commission?

    V day will involve a BP heart shaped pizza and a trip in to Sh Pk for frozen yogurt. So glad it is on a Sunday this year! So much more relaxing!

  5. Hmmm, my current Valentine tradition is making heart ATC's. Does that count as a tradition? I think it doesn since I have a Halloween tradition like that at Halloween and a Christmas tradition like that at Christmas and well, Easter is coming if you get my drift.
    Love the pic of you in your home, it looks so cozy!


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