Monday, February 01, 2010

post postponed

coming up tonight...
-let's talk about the grammys...why?? have I gone mad!?!?!

- I've been knitting! Get your requests in now! Laurie gets first dibbs because she gave me the idea! Nothing too complicated...I'm good at rectangles, or folded over rectangles!
- I painted my nails at work today. There was a reason I've been carrying my purple nail polish around with me for a month!
- Exclamation Points? Overused, or just enough? Discuss...
- Updated: I have put together a couple of "runner up" prizes for my giveaway in the post below. Make sure you enter. Deadline is the 10th of February.
I'm leaving ...wait for it...NOW!


  1. What is the best nail polish? The best cheap nail polish? I'm thinking to start painting my nails all. the. time in order for me to grow them beautiful and long.

  2. cheap? I dunno. I usually just buy one that I like and it lasts me forever, so I don't worry about the price. the stuff I'm wearing right now is Loreal's "Resist & Shine Titanium"'s claim to fame is it lasts up to 7 days!! WOWEE!

    whatever. you still have to do touch ups.

    It's a fab shade of purple, which is why I bought it!


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