Tuesday, February 02, 2010

change it up

I am thinking about a number between one and one hundred...

Just kidding!

I am thinking about changing the format of my Blog. To make it more interesting, and less about me! It gets tiring writing about oneself all the time.

But I am afraid that if I create a schedule for myself, I won't stick to it and the blog will feel neglected.


Must strike a balance.

Things I would like to include include:

- crafts, my own and others
- Art, ditto
- "Fashion", meaning stuff you wear and stuff, not like high fashion or anything
- Music, I like, I listen to, I think you might like
- Feature some of my friends and followers
- randomness of my day, etc. as per usual

I will need to figure out the best way to fit all of this in, and not make it be "work".


I said I would write about it last night, but I was busy playing, knitting, working out, then sleeping so I didn't.

I really enjoyed Stevie Nicks, but not her duet partner. I really enjoyed the song Pink sang. But not her acrobatics. What on earth was she doing!? Spraying the audience with her body water. Yuck-o

I thought it was super cool that Elton John performed, and I really like Lady Antebellum's performance. But not Zac Brown Mountain Men Band from the sticks...what the heck was with that dead guy up on piano? I saw his lips moving, and his hands moving, but was he breathing? I couldn't tell!

The tribute to Michael Jackson was nice, but if you didn't have 3D glasses it looked really really really bad. And my Avatar glasses didn't work...you needed the old school ones.

In my opinion, music performances should be about singing and music. Not about how many pyrotechnics and lighting effects and strange costumes and dancers we can fit up on stage while someone is "singing". Maybe that's why I like Lady Antebellum's performance so much...they can sing and they did sing!

Granted, I did not see the entirety of the show...I have other things to do with my time for four ours on a Sunday night thank you...but overall I wasn't really impressed. This is why I don't normally watch the Grammys. Or the Oscars. Or the AMAs. Or the Golden Globes.

I searched for Grammy Red Carpet outfits, and found the image of Imogene Heap (in the post below). Her dress had a twitter feed! And look at how cute she is with that parasol! I would watch a folk, blues, jazz, alternative rock music award show. But this one is about big numbers...in front of dollar signs. Boo.


I've been wanting to do some illustrating and watercolours lately. Maybe I'll make time this week.

I really enjoy these:

But I will be busy getting the rest of my New Years/V-Day mail out. I sent one package this week already. Woo hoo. I'm making a crafty thing to put in them, and it is very time consuming, and it is V-Day themed, so I kind of want to focus on that. Get them done. Then move on to something else. But I also want to do up some of my own V-day decorations. Like:

Plus I am still doing my giveaway...you can comment on any post from then to the deadline. Cmon people...it's free stuff. FREE!

K. I gots to go and meet a lady about some cleaning. A cleaning lady, you could say. Except she has an iPhone, so she must be cool!

Did you know they have cleaning conferences? And there was just one in Florida?? I'm in the wrong profession...

later skater alligator

Pics 1 & 2:
Sherri's Ink
Pics 3 & 4:
Lindsay Art
V-day hearts: AshleyLouise...lost the link on Flickr! Oops!
Stuffed owl
Heart garland


  1. Cleaning conferences in Florida? Sign me up! Speaking of cleaning, in all my anal-ness I just finished making a cleaning chart. I am just so tired of leaving everything and then boom a good chunk of my weekend is spent catching up on everything. Hopefully this way I just have to do 1 or 2 small things each day to keep on top of everything. Except dishes. For just the 2 of us they sure do add up fast and I really hate a dirty cluttered kitchen! I want to hire a little Oompa Loompa to come do dishes for me. That would be the life! *grin*

  2. ROTFLMAO-"Yuck-o" You crack me up.
    I love your blog header by the way. If you change things up, I hope you don't change that. But then...it's your blog not mine. (tee hee)


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