Monday, March 08, 2010

Some weekenderly goodness on this Monday

So, if you are going to a 3D movie in IMAX, and once you get there you only have the option to sit in the first 5 rows, just turn around and ask for your money back. It is not worth it. It is not the same show. Half of the screen will be dark. Most of the 3D-ness will be lost on you. In fact, for parts of the movie you will be able to see the double image and you will think you are losing your mind.

On a related note Alice in Wonderland was a good show. I was disappointed, but I usually am for every movie I am excited to see, except maybe Star Trek which was unbelieveably awesome, so don't listen to me. yadda yadda...


I finally finished the planning for my Beginner Series Classes at that only took me forever!!

I haven't done any demos of the layouts yet, but that has to come soon because it starts in April! OH MY! I'm going to have to high tail it to TM, and dedicate an entire afternoon to the cause!


I needed a little computer break before I throw myself back on the pile...but I'm headed back to it now.

Sorry no pictures has to be a work day. And tonight too...big meeting tomorrow.

Thankfully, Dianne is back next Monday so my stress level is scheduled to go down about 2 minutes after she arrives!! YAY!


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