Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I'm alive...

 I can feel the blood rushin' thru my veins
And that's all I need to know, 'cause I'm not lookin' for a change
'cause I've got friends and enemies, But it just don't bother me,
'cause as long as I believe, I can breathe

"Breath" by Swollen Members ft. Nelly Furtado 

I want today to be a creative, fun, relaxing day.

only one person showed up for my *dreaded* playschool meeting last night, so I called it off. yep. now that's created a new hornet's nest of rescheduling, etc. etc.

I didn't complete everything on my to-do list last night, but I did put a healthy dent in it!
Finish my road trip revealinator - check
Work out - check
Painted mail box for school - spray paint is done, I just need the detail work

So today I will finish the rest, plus I have created a new list for myself! But today is a home day, so anything is possible!


Canadian Scrapbooker. They asked for a layout for their summer issue. This is a layout I completed years ago, and sent in on a whim because I wanted to send in as many as possible. The title is spelled wrong. The rub on is coming off. I originally did it to post along with some other techniques detailing other ways to use the Prima Lollipop flowers. It didn't make the cut.

In other words, it is not my best work. And that is an understatement.

I made and sent in so many more beautiful layouts. Ones that I made specifically for the magazine. And others that I didn't, but are much nicer! Including my most amazing fold-out postcard layout that I am so happy with.

This is why my new advice is, if you really want to be in Canadian Scrapbooker just send everything. Inundate them with your layouts, even ones you don't like. Because someone there may just love it, or it might be just what they're looking for for a particular article or feature. Heaven knows!

Argh...I'm mostly mad about the spelling mistakes, which isn't actually a mistake (it's on purpose) but if they don't print my explanation I am going to look like a totally gorf. Yes, I just made up a word on the spot to describe my difficulty with this.


I bought some red spray paint for my playschool project the other day. And while I was in the spray paint department, I picked up some white as well. Man that stuff is boss!  Now I'm jonesing for some metallic, some orange, teal/aqua/turquoise, and brown.


Coming Up on the Blog:
-  Creative Feature with the works...maybe next week?!
-  another Video Post...this was so super fun the first time!!
- pictures of my 30 Before 30 book...I keep forgetting to take photos, but it will get done!
- new "TM Technique & Trends" Blog reveal...I've had some more good ideas for it, but the deadline is fast approaching! Yikes!!
- post photos of my Road Trip Revealinator
- post pictures of other recently completed layouts...first, find recently completed layouts and take photos of them!!
- a fun DIY...first, come up with a fun DIY! by george, I think I've got it!

later skater alligator...

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