Thursday, March 11, 2010

Cold Coffee

On some mornings, it doesn't matter if it's cold, as long as it has the caffeine required. This morning, I'm glad for the caffeine, but this coffee tastes like gack...I used up my Starbucks refill on my card ($30 doesn't get me very far!) so I brought my Tim's mug and will make a stop in on my way to get the mail. it is both a blessing and a curse to have a Tim's in your building.

A couple of nights ago I watched a super movie on TCM (Turner Classic) from 1958 by a Director named Akira Kurosawa. It's called The Hidden Fortress. It's all in Japanese with some hilarious subtitles! And everyone pretty much shouts all their lines, for the whole movie. But it was so awesome. There was one fight scene that really kept me on the edge of my seat!

I'm also in the middle of watching The Whole Town's Talking, about this mild mannered gentleman who looks exactly like a killer/bank robber that just escaped from prison. It start Jean Arthur, who is my new favourite not-so-leading lady.

This has become my favourite channel...there are always good movies playing. And I record a lot of them as well. I have a whole stack in my "box" to watch. And no commercials!!


So we have a patient here that either owns a bakery or a something that bakes stuff, and when he comes in he always brings us treats to make up for the fact that sometimes he runs late, or has to cancel at the last minute, and also because we are awesome. He usually brings a big bag full of blueberry scones, and a big bag full of the best oatmeal raisin chocolate chip giant cookies I have ever tasted! Ever! And the scones are really good too, and I don't even like scones.

Well, he's in today. So I get to have a fresh-baked cookie with my Tim's coffee this morning! Hallelujah!


Corey Haim passed away yesterday. He he was a beloved part of my younger years...Lost Boys is still one of my favourite movies of all time.


Oh my goodness, my lunch was just so darn good!
Super bonus about Russel > he is an awesome cook! When he cooks...which isn't very often so I relish every second of it!!!


Yesterday after mailing my layout to CanScrap I took a wander down the nailpolish aisle at Shoppers. They didn't have the colour I was looking for, but I still bought three beauties! Sparkly orange & green, and a dark turquoise. Did you know that nailpolish is dang expensive? The orange & green stuff was $11, on sale for $ I felt very lucky...ripped off, but lucky!

So I am sporting some fabby bright orange nails today to match my bright orange jacket. But of course I am an impatient nail-painter and you can still see some of the old yellow colour showing through where I smudged the orange off. But I don't care! My nails look so juicy!

in case you were wondering, I was really looking for something more like these guys:


I cannot enter a bookstore without purchasing a book. Or two, as in the case of last night's Tea-Date with Naomi.

The lucky ones were:
Generation A by Douglas Coupland

this guy is pretty much in my top two favourite writers (it's a tie for first really) and I have read everything he's written...except this new gem! Can't wait to crack it open!

and Jane Austen's Sewing Box

which is a book full of craft and sewing projects inspired by ones that characters in Jane's books would have completed. There's even a whole page dedicated to different ways to tie your cravat! Awesome!

and last but not least...
Here is my Road Trip Revealinator!

It's a little dinosaur...we're going to Drumheller this weekend! How fun! We're leaving Friday afternoon and coming back on Sunday. I'm excited to have this little road trip with my guys, plus it will be another "check" on my 30 Before 30 list.

I made this little guy out of wire before wrapping in yarn. The wire is really flimsy though, so we'll see how it holds up. Tomorrow I will post a fun Friday DIY, showing you how to make a yarn-wrapped charm. I'm very excited to start this new feature on my Blog! Please check back tomorrow afternoon for the post...and tell me what you think!


I think that will be all for today. I already need another coffee. For me Thursday at work is like a Friday, because I don't have to work tomorrow, plus there's only a couple of people in the office in the afternoon, so it gets really quiet in here. I think after I'm done month end, and a quick tidy I'm outta here!

I still need to pack, do some last minute laundry, and make sure my camera is good-to-go! Oh, and upload my Beginner Series Class pictures...blogger was failing me so hard yesterday. Argh-O-Rama!

Later-inator skater alligator

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  1. OMG ! Loved Generation A!!! Good read!


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