Sunday, March 21, 2010

Things I Love - Sunday

So, there are a number of Bloggers that do a "10 Things I Love Sunday" post. I decided to just say "Things" because a) I don't want to limit myself and #2. What if I can only think of 9...don't want to throw a halfsies in there!

#1. This mobile (and others) from this etsy shop. I really like mobiles, and would love to try my hand at making one. Especially for new baby niece/nephew on the way!

#2. Being surrounded by my art in my home...

#3. Having really awesome friends! Case in point...

I sent an article to a friend of mine awhile back (she married a best bud from high school) and she sent me a thank you note! Loves in the mail are the best!
NOTE: I think I have an idea why Blogger is flipping my happens more often when I use "super macro" on my camera. I will look into this further and present my findings at a later date.

#4. This band, this song, this video...Triple Threat. Also, their video for "giving up the gun" has a Jonas Brother in it, and Jake Gyllenhal (sp?) looking all hairy and wearing tiny tight shorts. Mee-yow!

#5. This song. Plus the singer has a super dreamy accent.

p.s. I love bands that have super "normal" looking fellas...not like "rock star" types. On a sort of related note I accompanied Russel to the geek mecca known as "Memory Express"...I [heart] geeky boys!

#6. And this song. PLEASE NOTE: This video super-dee-duper weird! And there is some minor censored nudity at the beginning (what the!?!?) But the song kicks butt!

#7. This website has a tonne of weird and awesome videos & shows you can check out...for free...and they make it really easy to yoink the code to embed on your blog! Yippety-hurrah.

#8. Talking to my family about the's really corny but it gets me totally excited to think about "going green" and helping others do the same! I am going to be participating in a Community Garden that my friend is setting up this year. I am so excited to start planting things. I really wanted to go to a seed workshop this morning, but I am not getting going fast enough, so I will have to see if there is another one coming up.

#9. My step dad is back from Germany and he brought me two little espresso the UAE one he already brought me. They are super cute...but I told him no more Starbucks stuff from around the world! It's too bad all their packaging is in English...I would love a cardboard sleeve in another language! And he bought Russ a rad stein. It's tiny, so it doesn't fit near enough beer! I'm mostly just glad he's back home...

#10. Random layouts that aren't for anything or anyone but me. And that are made using random stuff I have sitting right beside me, leftover from anything else I've been working on lately. And running out of adhesive so I am forced to staple everything together...which I really love and should just do more often as a rule, y'know?

My toes are cold. Lucas is swimming with my dad, so I should try and work out, or clean up or something. But My butt is too attracted to this seat. Blogging is becoming my third part-time job...except the pay is the shits! I think Russ and I are going for a little walk. Enjoy the spring air while it lasts.

k. I'm off now. later skater alligator...

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