Saturday, March 20, 2010

fun fun farmers market

isn't it a beautiful day today? i sure think so. I was really worried about the snow that was falling earlier in the week, but thankfully that didn't stick around and I can get back to thinking spring is right around the corner!

we all went to the farmer's market this morning. man, I love that place! I snagged some whole wheat cinnamon buns, chicken sausage (with have read the label...), pears, saskatoon berries, carrots...yum yum yummy!! And Russ bought some salsa and bratwurst. It took us a long time to find a parking spot, and we finally ended up parking a couple of blocks away. But the walk was so nice! Now if all the dirt and gravel and sand and muck would get washed away I would be so much happier!


I got to do some scrapbooking this week. And I finished the album for my Drumheller pictures using some of the new Studio Calico stuff I picked up earlier...have I already mentioned this?? Anyhoo, here are some pictures of it. For the rest you will have to check out the Techniques Blog as I am posting the rest there. Still the old blog...Blogger is really cheesing me off this week!

The colours look really wonky in these pictures...still having camera issues...but you get the idea! I'm using an old, very tacky magnetic photo album. I built all the layouts right on top of the plastic covers on each page. This is my most favourite idea yet! Yay!!
And you will notice all the butterflies...I am slightly obsessed with my new Martha Stewart punch. Just slightly...

Gots to go to a family lunch now for my Step-Gma's 80th b-day, at a Super8 in Ft. Sask. Umm...yay??


  1. I was reading and I thought to myself "the farmers market is open during the week?" then I remembered it is Saturday...I got all thrown off because I'm at work. Stupid work. Anyways, I am glad the weather is nice out there! Hopefully it will be equally or nicer next weekend! Only 5 more sleeps!

  2. I am working on the Firebag 3 project. Cathie Buchard (sp?) and Curtis Blanchard (sp?) are my bosses here. Cathie usually works in the Shr Pk office but there has been quite a bit of turnover so Cathie is up here trying to get this organized and settled (boy is it crazy!). Can your mom pull some old strings and get me a job at the Shr Pk office? :P


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