Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Running Goals

I went for a run the other night. The first time in a long time, And it was glorious.

My body has been rebelling against me every time I hit the track for the past few months. So I made adjustments, and I waited.

The other day at the gym I thought I would give it a go. And my body said "okay Lisa, we can do this."

And Sunday night I was in desperate need of an outdoor activity, so I put on all my gear, and I just went. No overthinking (no thinking). I find that the first run back after a break is always the "easiest". Meaning the next run might kick my ass again. But I've got (some) momentum and I'm not going to squander it.

1) Run 1km without stopping - Completed September 18
2) Run 2km without stopping
3) Run 3km without stopping
4) Run 4km without stopping
5) Run 5km without stopping
6) Run 1km in 8 minutes
7) Run 1km in 7.5 minutes
8) Run 1km in 7 minutes

These are my 2016 Running Goals. They are simple milestones that I can watch for and aim for. But they are simple. That's the way I like my goals.

Feels so good to get back out there.

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