Friday, September 09, 2016

F-Word Scrapbooking

Hi there! I love Fall. But it is not Fall yet. So don't go getting excited and telling me how much it FEELS LIKE FALL, or GEE I LOVE THAT IT'S FALL NOW. I will cut you.

Remember that I love Fall. But I also love our fleeting, golden summers. And I'm going to squeeze every last dying glimmer out of this month.

Since the start of Fall signals my birthday, I do celebrate the shit out of fall  so don't get your knickers in a knot. Like I am. Apparently. Shuttup.

Anyhoo, I scrapbooked some photos taken last FALL because Nadine made me. Kind of. Whatever. Just feast your eyeballs. 

(I scrapbook on my bedroom floor when it is clean. My bedroom is giant, so I can really spread out. Love those old wood floors.)

Gah I love this layout!!! Nadine gave me a pack of die-cuts, and I was like what the actual fuck am I going to do with these? She also gave me some copper sticker words and I was like YASSSS! They make a nice combination. My Mom & step-Dad's last name is Good. Makes for some perfect titles.

Also, that paper looks like a cozy sweater and I can definitely get behind that.

Mini Album!
I forgot how damn fun and EASY it is to make a mini album by taping old cards and envelopes together. These photos are all from my Grannie & Pa's 60th Anniversary Party last September. We had a nice dinner at the Faculty Club on the U of A campus, and then my photographer friend Sarah took all of our photos. It was ridiculous, and she is my hero. I am going to let the pages speak for themselves.

I just realized that this last photo shows FIVE GENERATIONS of my Grannie's family. Holy. Shit. Balls.

That's getting put on a damn wall or something.

p.s. on Fridays we say Fuck.

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