Saturday, January 02, 2016

#sonotladylikegoals2016 - Write It Out

In our December sales & marketing call, K.O. was talking to Jill about how to help her sales team set goals and keep them accountable. His main message was to write them down, and post them somewhere you will look at them everyday. His family's location of preference was the back of the bathroom door (for obvious time-related reasons ;-).

I loved the simple format of the sheet he shared with us, and the basic thought behind his location choice. And I know I have heard all this before, but sometimes it takes a mentor telling you via an online call to really have it sink in.

Here goes nothing...

The format is simple. I split my goals into FOUR sections, with FOUR goals per section. I have history with this number + goals so I am starting from a good place already. The sections are Personal, Family, Emotional (or spiritual if that suits you better), and House.

K.O. recommended we write a present tense statement about doing the goal. Not sure if I did this "right" but after the first couple of statements, it started to really flow and I really got excited about the process! I WILL sounds so powerful. It is full of potential and intention. And I am kind of in love with it.

I posted it in the bathroom, on the mirror, so I can look at it everyday. I think this is really going to be key for me this year.

And what's even better, is I had Dude do it too. I know that he has to write out his goals for the year in school, and I remember how much that terrified and frustrated me when I was in school. Because no one ever taught me HOW to set a goal, what it should look like, what it should feel like. And no one ever held me accountable at the end of the school year. I had a shit attitude toward goal-setting for most of my life, and it is only now that I am comfortable and excited with this exercise, and am seeing real-time results. This is something I want to teach Dude. Because just like whistling, I think this will be an amazing tool to make his life so much better and more interesting. And mostly, I don't want this to frustrate him throughout his school years, as it did me.

I posted my goals list on Instagram last week, and I got such lovely and inspiring comments! So I re-wrote the headers, scanned it in, and am offering it as a downloadable PDF here. This is for personal use only, but feel free to print off a couple for the other people in your family.

And if you do download it, and use it to help set your goals for the year (month, week, etc.), I would love to see the results! If you are on Instagram, please share and tag me: @formerlylisas



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  2. Love this! I started scheduling my goals right into my calendar but my fear is that the day will come and I'll just keep moving it until it ends up becoming a 2017 goal. This will remind me it's a real goal that I want to accomplish. And I bought a Buddha board. Stood in front of it at the store drawing for 10 minutes when I realised I was (a) relaxed and (b) I was drawing in a store for 10 minutes.

  3. You already know I how much I love your list.... but here it is again....
    I LOVE IT!


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