Monday, January 04, 2016

December Daily

Thought you might enjoy seeing some more of my December Daily layouts. It's funny how you analyze your December as your living it, as your scrapbooking it. Funny for both good and bad reasons, I think.

Decided to include our colourful Christmas Wish Lists. I did almost everything on my "Do" list! And I received 0 items from my "Receive" list! Ha!

Volunteered at the Zoo's Festival of Lights. Kind of boring night, but nice to help out!

Christmas concerts! Man, I live for this shit. Dude did amazing again this year. I am so proud of how much he has grown. Goober kept watching us instead of his music teacher to "prove" he knew what he was doing! Their take on "Watch Me Whip, Watch Me Nae Nae" was fabulous to say the least.

Tree decorating!

I hate the majority of the watercolour cards I made. But this "good cheer| made the cut. Works perfectly for the pictures from our night at The Empress Ale House, for beers, a great show, and a bake sale!

We went and saw National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation at Metro Cinema. Dude was scandalized when I informed him that he would be hearing all the swear words, and he turned his head for the pool scene.

Dad's 21st edition of his Christmas letter!

I am really loving these 4x4/2x2 combo sheets!

I bought a really old pack of almost 4x4 page protectors at Value Village a while back, and they work really well cut down to fit in this book.

Dude met BFF's parents and some of his extended family for the first time, and he was so stinking polite! And he shook everyone's hand, and said please and thank you, and was his totally goofy self talking BFF's Mom's ear off about the board game we played the night before, and I was so proud of him. He made fast friends with BFF's Dad, and fell in love with the bouncy helicopter thing they bought him.

 I found some old Making Memories letter rub-ons in my stash. These used to be the most coveted item we sold at Treasured Memories. And now I remember why! Gah! They go on like butter! So dreamy.... Anyhoo, Dude & I watched Home Alone on the solstice and I took a crappy/ridiculous photo that I love, and Dude laughed so hard! I know I have started a grand tradition for future LiLu Decembers.

So, I kind of forgot how to scrapbook a layout. Weird right? I put my photos down on the page, and was like, now what?! What a frustrating mental block to encounter. But it also felt good to push through it. And I think I got two pretty swell layouts to show for my efforts.

And that's most of the last two weeks. I still have to add New Year's Eve into the book, finish off some other pages, print the rest of my Christmas Day photos, and then it's done! This is the best I've felt about a December Daily book in a long time. If you look through my DD archives, you will find my 2012 album, which is also one of my favourites.


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  1. Great post!
    I am pretty jacked up to see your envelope from me in there.
    My favorite though is your story about Lucas at BFF's parents, I got choked up & my eyes started leaking. You must have been so happy!


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