Tuesday, January 05, 2016

#sonotladylikegoals - A Little Help

I like to keep things simple for most things in my life. The more steps I add, and the more complicated I make things, the more I don't do that thing. Because it's too much trouble. Especially with goals. Setting goals and being accountable is hard enough for me as it is, so why add unnecessary trouble?

But I do enjoy a simple tool or trick to help keep me on track, and so far this is the best one I've found.

I used Elise's Daily Goal Tracker last year at work, and it was really awesome! Her motto for this process is "progress - not perfection" and I think that really helped me on those off days, and especially when a week was left uncoloured.

This is not only a good way to keep on track with a goal, but it also encourages starting good habits (and maybe kicking bad ones...) and sticking with them. And I love that there is no pressure. So what if I miss a day or two (or ten)?! I just let it go and move on to the next day. And looking back at the entire year I can see that for the most part I accomplished what I set out to do. And that feels really amazing! Never have I found such a profound or obvious objective recap of the success of a goal set...and met!

Get her 2016 Goal Tracker here. It's only $4USD and you get a couple of digital files in different sizes, and the option of starting your weeks on a Monday or Sunday. I definitely recommend getting this file, printing it out, and posting it somewhere that you will look at everyday.

I had one at home that I put in a closet, and totally forgot about. This year I plan on posting one at work and one at home again, but this time in a better place! I haven't thought about my Work Goal yet, but the "get outside once a day" was definitely a lifesaver for me last year. My Home Goal is going to be "Wash At Least One Dish Everyday". Sounds lame, I know, but I have a major motivation problem when it comes to washing the dishes. I have also tracked a definite correlation between my overall mental health and whether I keep up with the dishes. Go figure.

I have posted my Home Goal sheet in the kitchen on the face of the cupboard above my sink. Can't get more obvious than that!

It's my real life kitchen! Wheee!

Do you have a simple tool or trick that you use to keep you on track with your small goals...BIG GOALS?


p.s. My Home Goals sheet is working already! I posted the sheet on the 30th, and I washed my work dishes that night. It might not seem like a big deal, but it's a big deal to me. I use this because it works, and here is the boring proof. Huzzah!


  1. Ooh, I like this. Might have to print one out for myself, thanks!

  2. So good! I often create 'gold star' charts with the same intention, but this is much simpler. Gonna get me one! Thanks for sharing.

    1. DUDE! You're here!!!! xoxoxoxo

    2. I hope this is who I think it is and I didn't just goof. Your profile picture is so teensy!

    3. It's me!!! Hiiiiiiiii. You have inspired me in many ways, so keep up the amazing (and sometimes really hard) work of processing thoughts and feelings via words for the world!

  3. Oh, also: my mental health and my kitchen are also very closely related. But motivation also gets in the way, constantly.


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