Wednesday, January 06, 2016

#lisareads2016 - Subscription Boxes

I am (overall) not a fan of subscription boxes. We as a society are already really good at consuming things, I don't think we need the extra help of a box of extra crap conveniently mailed to our homes every month. But I think I might have to alter my tune slightly, because I have discovered Book Subscriptions.

Landfall Freight is a graphic novel subscription box, created especially for ladies! I have been watching their contents for most of the year, and they are always spot on with their selections. This is one that I would definitely consider signing up for.

I've already written about my love for the Book Riot website, and am keeping my eyes on the Book Riot box for future consideration.

The Book Drop is run by an independent brick&mortar bookstore, which is cool in and of itself. They  offer a couple of different options, based on your preferred genre, and they also have a subscription for kids & YA books.

Uppercase Box is a monthly service for fans of Young Adult fiction. I am an only an occasional lover of YA, so a book a month is too much for me.

Another monthly YA themed box, Owl Crate plays on the mail delivery system as described in Harry Potter. Y'know. With owls. Adorable. Sounds like there might be a discussion forum out there for books in the box, but I couldn't find anything specific.

Watch out for bookish-sounding Subscription Boxes that don't actually have any books in them. A "fashion & beauty" box with a book theme is still just a "fashion & beauty" box. I'm looking at you "Bookish". Sigh.

Disclaimer: I haven't actually subscribed to a Book Box yet, so please do not treat the above list as an endorsement of any of the services listed. This is just me thinking out loud. Also, I am still not a lover of subscription boxes as a whole, and I am far more inclined to borrow books from the library or purchase secondhand books from the thrift store. If there is one thing I don't need more of in my life, it's stuff, especially a new box of stuff that comes every month. *Shudder* But, I would like to expand my reading horizons, and this is definitely one way to do that.

Wouldn't it be fun if there was such a thing as a Used-Book Subscription Box?! Like, every month you could send an old book to someone, maybe with a little note or review, and they could either keep that book for their library or send it along to someone else. A book penpal club?!?! I would totally sign up for that.

Anyone out there with a book subscription? Any recommendations or places to steer clear from? Anybody want to be my book penpal? ;-)


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