Friday, January 01, 2016

#lisareads2016 - Book Riot

I can't remember how I found Book Riot, but boy howdy am I ever glad that I did! They are a one-stop shop on the Internet for everything literary, as far as I am concerned. They post great reviews, monthly wrap-ups, gift guides, and more, so there is always something going on. And the contributors to the site come from a variety of backgrounds, and enjoy a variety of genres, so there is literally something for everyone here, which I find very refreshing and enjoying. I like to read reviews and get recommendations for more books in a genre I already enjoy, but I am also open to recommendations in other genres, and this site definitely encourages that.

Some of my favourite recent posts:
A List of Lists

No, I Do Not Carry Elf On The Shelf

6 Months Without Books, As Told Through GIFs

They also have a Podcast with reviews, and great book discussions. I am really getting into Podcasts this past month or so, and am loving hearing other people talk about books they love (or don't love)! Next best thing to being in an actual book club?

They run a great online store filled with cool book-themed clothing, accessories, and future Christmas gifts for my sister, or perhaps your sister.

And most importantly, they run a (regular + YA) subscription box. I think subscriptions boxes are mostly just ridiculous, but awesome books delivered to your house every few months? I'm saving up!

More links...

Also, Happy New Year!! Hopefully when this post goes live I will still be sleeping off my kid-friendly NYE party, but I will probably be up with the sun and the Dude that lives in my home will be (loudly) busy with his new Lego, which is just fine as well.


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