Thursday, December 31, 2015

Link Roundup - Book Edition

A dude read books by women for a whole year. I think he kind of missed the point of the exercise, but he made an effort at least. (Watch for my post about reading only women author's in 2015...coming soon!)

Speaking of lady authors...25 Books by Female Authors to Put on Your Bucket List. I have read 12 of them, and already have a bunch more on my holds list. Really nice to see some WOC among the selections.

11 Reading Hacks Every Book Lover Should Know [moving GIFs at link]. For helping you make it through that reading challenge!

Hungry for the Gaimanesque? If you love Neil Gaiman (yes!), but want to expand your reading horizons. I have read only a few of these authors, but I definitely will always recommend Ursula K. Le Guin, Octavia Butler, Naomi Novik, and Terry Pratchett.

I love that this time of year we are treated to all the LISTS of books! This one hits all my reading points: science fiction, lady authors, short stories. 100 Great Science Fiction Stories by Women

Speaking of amazing ladies, 4 out of the top 5 books on this list are written by women! 100 Greatest British Novels. As soon as I found this, I put Middlemarch on hold at the library. And it's damn good.

This TV series is based on a book series that George RR Martin dubbed "a really kickass space opera". And while I hate Game of Thrones, I have read one of his short stories that was an absolute joy, so I'll listen to his recommendation this one time, Watch the entire first episode here!


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