Tuesday, February 04, 2014

February is for Lovin'

If I had to make a Valentine's Day wish list, it would go something like this...
1. This dress. Nothing like a fancy dress for a romantic dinner out. // 2. A red lamp. I have plans...that require mood lighting, apparently. // 3. This lipstick. Well...more of it actually. It's my new favourite! // 4. Love poems. To read aloud. Wink.// 5. Some Noodler's Ink. I'm thinking a bright red would be perfect for writing some love poems of my own. Double wink. // 6. Everlane cashmere sweater. Because, well...cashmere. // 7. Everything's Coming Up Millhouse tee. Just because.

Yes, I realize Valentine's Day is a ridiculous, made up holiday for the greeting card, chocolate, and diamond companies, but it's still fun to celebrate LOVE and COMPANIONSHIP and TOGETHERNESS.

But really, we should be doing that everyday any way...right?
With or without gifts...right?! (wink)
later loves

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