Monday, February 03, 2014

February Goals

Keeping in mind my 2014 Intentions...

1. Celebrate LOVE on Valentine's Day. We have a Kercher Family Tradition of getting sushi and just hanging out. Sounds good to me, but I think I want to make things a little more special somehow. I also want to share LOVE with my girlfriends. I'm thinking Valentine's brunch, but that may be too optimistic! Ha! 2. Put my money where my mouth is. I wrote up a lot of great savings goals and reminders in January, and did a little research about some financial matters. I want to put those into play this month. And I've got some posts planned along these lines as well. 3. Finish my ongoing/never ending carpentry DIY project. BFF...I'm coming over, and I'm not leaving until it's done. (note: I finished it on Sunday! More to come...) 4. I don't have a fourth goal this month...and that's okay!

I took a BIG STEP over the weekend, and I want to share more of it with you in time. For now I've just got to get this damn post published and get back to work! I'm supervising some movers today...#ilovemyjob!

Never mind...the computer won't read my SD card. I'll be back this afternoon. After I supervise our tech guys as well. Sigh. On the weekend, someone asked me what I do. And I told them I have the most boring sounding job ever. And it's true! Most people's eye just glaze over when I tell them what I do. Perhaps I am not describing it properly. I need to come up with some better adjectives. Wink!

Found this nice picture online instead because instead of fight with my computer I want to eat my soup.

later loves

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