Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Spring WAS here...for a day or two...

And now it's snowing again. I was seriously contemplating wearing shorts the other day. That's how warm it was. And now it's snowing (Monday, when I'm writing this at least).

But Dude & I took advantage of the Spring-ish weather when we had it, and headed to the park after dinner a couple of nights last week. But we don't play on the equipment while we're there, no sirree. We bring our own entertainment...
Look! It's a picture of our feet! And dead grass, always with the dead grass.

Dude packed a bag full of Cars to play with. And some plastic spoons for digging (of course). I made a race track, and he built a sink hole & quicksand field. For burying his cars...of course.
More feet!

For the record, he did start out pushing the tire swing. He doesn't want to sit in it and get pushed himself (and I don't blame him), but he does enjoy spinning it around, and letting it hit him and knock him down. Weirdo... (wink)

Goofy face! Happy Guy!!

So this was our spring test run. We got some practice in and now we are ready for the real thing when it finally arrives for good! This also means that I am even MORE jealous of all the blooming trees and flowers and green things in my Instagram feed. Oh yes....

How are you enjoying and celebrating Spring? Do you have green grass? Yes?! Lucky bastard!

later loves


  1. Anonymous8:48 am

    It's been snowing here the last couple of days as well. Let me tell you, I am so freaking sick of it. I can barely even deal. I keep seeing cherry blossoms on blogs and on Instagram and I want to punch the posters in the head. When will it be my turn, dammit!?

  2. he is the cutest boy ever! we have trees blossoming now in Amsterdam, but it's just first week like this here. no chance of leaving coat back home.


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