Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Happy Birthday BFF!

We had a lovely celebration on the weekend, but today is Dan's actual birthday. If all goes according to plan we are headed out to see a weird sci-fi movie (made in 1972...of course) in 12 hours. Not that any of this is of interest to y'all out there, but this might be...

I kind of went a little crazy with his gifts. Including painting the wrapping paper with an image of our favourite going-out beer, La Chouffe.

The first time I ordered this, it was solely for the funny gnome on the label. Yep, that's how I choose beer.

And then I painted this re-purposed mailing envelope.
It started out as a moleskine sketch...and then snowballed out of control from there!

And this was one of his actual presents. 
This is where we go for coffee and movies. This is where our friendship was born (aww....mushy). And on the marquis sign I even wrote the titles of the movies we've seen there! I am feeling quite proud of myself for this one. I dug down deep in my brain and made use of all my (high school) drafting skills. Man I missed using a ruler. I've never done a watercolour like this before...I might have to make one for myself now.

It's fun to have a best friend to spoil on his 30th birthday!
Dork Alert!
(I really hope he doesn't hate me for posting this photo on my blog for the whole world to see....tee hee!)

later loves

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