Monday, April 29, 2013

Layout Catch Up

Even though I'm not technically working for them anymore doesn't mean that I've stopped creating lovely things for Treasured Memories! Nadine keeps giving me kits, and I keep using them! Here are some of the latest...
Hello Cutie! I should put some words on here or something.

There was a weird drunk lady sitting behind us who kept cheering for the Oilers, but we were at an Oil Kings game. Dude was really bored, but we stayed for the whole game, which we lost. But it was still a fun afternoon!

Hi. I'm a dork.

I love those Fancy Pants tiny paper bags! I plan on adding some "private journaling" to this one.

The ampersand button/badge on this one is a Treasured Memories Exclusive, designed & created by "Mr. TM" Daryl Benson.

I usually cheat a little with my TM layouts...I have a hard time confining myself to one company, and I'm always cutting everything up in to tiny pieces so a lot of the product becomes unrecognizable. And that, my friends, is why I could never be on a design team!

Happy Monday! 

later loves

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